Have been doing a bit of searching around and I know Samsons aren't overly fussy buggers, taking spanners & the likes.
But if you were to have ONLY two jigs in your kit, & price was not an issue, which off the shelf ones would they be and what colour would you choose??

There are so many on the racks, I'm getting buyers confusion.




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People say most of the

Mon, 2007-12-03 10:00

People say most of the japanese brands are top notch, and thats why they cost more, as they research more into the movement of the jig etc.

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Smith 400 gram purple and

Mon, 2007-12-03 10:27

Smith 400 gram purple and green  with duo double  assist hooks, Daiwa 400 gram sacrifice with duo assist hooks or the good old sw lab 400 gram for $10 bucks if your getting sharked

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Two options if you are

Mon, 2007-12-03 10:42

Two options if you are getting sharked.

1.  Use cheap jigs.

2.  Stop fishing and killing big spawning fish.

Its not about losing the jigs (or the price) that bothers me about getting sharked - its killing the fish.


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my pick!

Mon, 2007-12-03 16:45

The action of the jig is more important than brand and colour. On that note, many fish are basically colour blind especially in deeper water. Not due to the lack of light as there's plenty but more so all the colours being absorbed by the water coloumn. Apparently the green & blues are better at reflecting the light absorbtion thus standing out. For shallow water stuff i like bright colours ie orange & pinks etc

IMO, the Jap lures are over priced and my pick would be a 375gram SWLAB slim-deep jig and a Zest 200gram bait-fish jig. They cover all depths and species with two different actions!

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jamie and ryan are right

Mon, 2007-12-03 18:28

jamie and ryan are right there;
a) sharks moving in means its time to move on.
b) colours probably mean more to the angler than to the fish.

also, if targeting samsons, i wouldn't advise 2 assist hooks. one if more than enough for their big mouths and aggressive hit; 2 increases the chance of doing unnecessary damage to a fish you're about to release. demersals; different story

im going to throw in my two jigs here; (how 'off the shelf' is up to you) but it would be a fisherman crazy long 64 420g, and an Atelier GLI Tsuru jig 120. Not to be 'fancy' or 'exotic'; but just because these have accounted for some of my best captures, and have impressived me with their level of reliability.


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your lures sound good KC and

Mon, 2007-12-03 21:23

your lures sound good KC and we all know they work for ya .... but where the hell do you buy them :P

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I have no secret source that

Tue, 2007-12-04 00:27

I have no secret source that you don't know feral, its not easy for me to get either. Neither do i mean its what you 'must have' or 'will work'. Just what i have personally notched up some good catches with. As you all know, they are overpriced, and the more available and affordable ones certainly rack good if not better fish. Just yesterday Al told me that a lucky angler scored the seriola trifecta on shikari; with amberjack, samsonfish and yellowtail king accounted for on a williamson benthos. IMHO thats a fantastic effort!

If you really want, you can buy them direct and pay for shipping. Or fly to japan or singapore. Hey, it was mentioned price is not an issue. ;)