interstate boat transport advice


Hey guys, I want to bring a 5.4m boat over from Vic to Perth. It's on a trailer but I dont know if I trust the bearings for a trip like that. 

On the trailer overall length is ~7.1m, 2.2m wide, I'm guessing something like 1400kg all up. Can anyone recommend trucking companies to reach to and get a quote for somthing like this?



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Send by Sea

Sun, 2022-03-27 18:34

 Dont send it by road, they end up stuffed.


All the manufactieres send by sea freight, cheaper and less likely to damage.


Get a hold of NMT Shipping to organise.


NMT Oceania Pty. Ltd.

Unit 1, 103 Garling Street
O’Connor, WA 6163

Phone+61 8 9437 5431


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Yep ship it.I used McPhee

Mon, 2022-03-28 10:43

Yep ship it.

I used McPhee Freight to ship my caravan from QLD to Freo in August last year. Great service and included comprehensive sea & land transport insurance. Roll on roll of so transported inside the ships hull. No stone damage insects or dust.  


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thanks guys.prior to these

Mon, 2022-03-28 13:51

thanks guys.

prior to these suggestions I figured sea would mean containers, didnt realise there was a roll on roll off service. will look into it.

was wondering about insurance, what do you guys think about the risks of easily stealable stuff thats not fixed down - like rods & reels in the boat? just take a list and photo everything or not worth it?


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Pretty sure no personal

Mon, 2022-03-28 15:15

Pretty sure no personal items/ items not fixed down is the norm, or was for me with McPhee. 

Speak to the shipping line but Id look at sending them over seperately.


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boat trasport

Wed, 2022-03-30 10:38


Used to work for GKR Perth .They bring boats fron VIC . They can put on a trailer or put it in a taught liner fully protected give them a call