Illegal crabbing - undersize crabs in the Swan river

 In case you go for walks around parts of the river at night, there are a lot of people targeting undersize crabs at present . Many are wading in the river with torches at night in the shallows , some are at the jetties. I've contacted fisheries a couple of times, plus taken photos of them, and their cars. I've warned some after taking pics , so they put them back..


I think crabs are breeding now , so moving around ....bloody annoying people going for so many tiny crabs

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 Nothing new unfortunately.

Tue, 2020-06-23 10:04

 Nothing new unfortunately. Its good to see your notifying fisheries and taking pics.


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 Given the bag limit of 5, I

Tue, 2020-06-23 14:05

 Given the bag limit of 5, I am surprised people are going to so much effort!


Was at Point Walter jetty a couple of weeks back for a fish. I couldn't get a spot and had to leave because 2 people had crab nets surrounding the entire jetty. I counted 28 nets. Ropes everywhere and no chance of anyone being able to get any fishing in without hookup the ropes. 

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5 Swannies are still worth

Tue, 2020-06-23 19:21

5 Swannies are still worth about 12 of their Peel cousins


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 Saw them in Seafresh Innaloo

Wed, 2020-06-24 16:55

 Saw them in Seafresh Innaloo at $40/kilo with Mandurah ones at $20/kilo. Pretty much the same value as you Frosty!

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Sadly I have to agree with you

Fri, 2020-06-26 11:39

This year has been very bad for me as far as crabs go, it's been a bit of a push to get some decent size crabs, I'm not talking about just size I'm talking about good size crabs with plenty of meat in them.

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 The_lane I don't think they

Thu, 2020-06-25 20:14

 The_lane I don't think they are sticking to the limit of five , especially since the crabs are so small 


has fisheries publicized any recent prosecutions ?