how far out from shore??

hi guys

i have just rescently purchased a 4m front steer tinny for a spot of fishing on calm days. i fitted up a Navman fishfinder and lights ect and I was thinking of heading out from either Mindarie or Ocean Reef early this sunday morning. I am new to the whole ocean tinny fishing scene and i was wondering if anyone could help with a few questions i have.

how far out from shore would you need to travell to hit 35 -40m worth of water?

is there any spots metro area that are well protected from the wind that you can land a half descent catch without having to travell to far?

my tinnie has a 30hp Johnson on the back so power isn't too bad for it's size but i don't want to travell too far incase the weather turns sour and i can't get back in.

i know no one is going to surrender their prize winning spots but any help would be greatly appreciated. it doesn't have to be north of the river either, happy to travell pretty much anywhere metro to get some nice cruizy fishing spots where i would have half a chance of getting a feed for the table.

hope to meet some of you on the water some time soon





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35-40m would be at a guess

Tue, 2007-09-04 14:28

35-40m would be at a guess around the 8-10 mile out so a fair way in a little boat. You would really have to pick your day. Areas around the outer reef can sometimes produce some good catches of skippy, sambos and pinkies. Advantage is that it is not too far out and easily reachable.

Mr Mac should be able to provide a few details of the Mindarie area - things such as reefs to watch out for and the like



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Spot on.

Tue, 2007-09-04 16:22


Gully is right on the money there with regards to Mindarie. The best advice I can give you is to get a chart of the inshore reefs which can be purchased from the Marine & Harbours guys and look for depth changes and structure. Sound around these areas and you will find some good ground both inside and on the back of Staggies reef which are within your range. The anchor & burley tactics do work around there as do north south drifts where you follow the line of the reefs. But be warned that anchoring on the reef line itself in any kind of swell could be frought with danger, so beware and be careful. It is very snaggie around there so be prepared to lose some rigs if you are drifting inside staggies.

Outside staggies you will find some good broken ground in around 25m , which is about a km out from the back of the reef break. Some good dhuies and KG's around there but be prepared to travel around a fair bit to find where they are holding.

South of the main Staggies break you will find good whiting captures just on the drop off behind the reef and if you head further south in line with burns rock you will find dhuies, blackarse, leatherjackets in amongst the usual curse of the wrasse population.

The inner reef at Quinns  offers a great shot at hoards of herring and gardies at this time of year. Just grab some of SPESS's special burley and anchor up 20 - 50 m inside the reef (you will see heaps of boats doing it as you head out of the marina. The weed beds around there are also good for the occaissional squid.

Hope that gets you started. Say hello if you see any of us out there or at the boat ramp.


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