fresh bait

 im slipping out tonight to see if i can  get some fresh bait anyone having a look as well im thinking eshed

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Went to E-shed (or close

Mon, 2008-04-21 16:08

Went to E-shed (or close enough) and caught two small fish (yellowtail or scalies I assume) and a herring (and a fish that looked like a goldfish without the gold). Could have got more but left the rod in the rod holders (aka drainage holes) and only picked it up at the end then realised how many bites I was missing. Was using a sabiki rig, and chucked pieces of mulie on the hooks as well as a glowstick at the top. I had the swivel a meter or three under water but didnt get as much as when I had it several meters down.

I used a reasonable strength rod, with reasonable line (say 10lb ish), just because its easier just to pull it up without worrying about a light bream rod snapping on a larger than you expected fish. I doubt youd catch anything that would break it, but I just dont feel confident pulling up fish wobbling around several meters out of the water on a light rod.

A tackle had some premade sabiki rigs which is what I used, but i've wondered about making my own. I'm thinking I could get some flies on the cheap (e.g. some at cambells) then could attach them as long as the hooks are small enough I would think. Might work a little better than the simple pieces of plastic on sabikis ;)

The mulie was a bit annoying to use though, perhaps something else would work? Perhaps those gulp maggots? Not sure whether the fish would take them, but would be easy.

Though, if i'm going to make my own rigs, I'll probably use the long shank hooks so I can use a U-shaped dehooker to take the fish off without having to slime up my hands all the time.



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Hi Ya, "...and a fish that

Mon, 2008-04-21 18:34

Hi Ya,

"...and a fish that looked like a goldfish without the gold..." Sounds like a Gobble Guts to me.


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baby dhuie

Tue, 2008-04-22 11:34

baby dhuie

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Making your own rigs

Tue, 2008-04-22 09:28

Mate, I doubt it will be any more cost effective to make our own rigs.  Flies will cost you about $2-4 each and then you need hooks and time to tie it all.  The advantage to long shank hooks is that you can hold the hook, turn it upside down and normally the fish just fall off the hook.  Saves you having to touch them = healthier live baits (if you want them live) and less mess.

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Definately will use the long

Tue, 2008-04-22 10:46

Definately will use the long shanked hooks if I rig mine up. And the flies would be to make the rig more effective, not more cost effective :p. 

$10 for a rig that catches more fish is worth it over a $5 bought rig. Might try some other rigs though, mine just has a single folded piece of white translucent plastic sheet, while some other sabiki rigs look a bit more flashy (but whether that catches fish or fishermen I dont know) 



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simple bit of coloured wool

Tue, 2008-04-22 10:53

simple bit of coloured wool maybe in red or something and a small amount of cotton wrapped around the top near they eye and a blob of super glue will work the trick, then instead of using mulie, catch a slimey or something like that and fillet that and use little strips, will stay on the hook alot longer with the skin and stuff, cheap easy and works, then you can always dip the hook with wool into some tuna oil and then the slick will just come off from the wool and make a nice little burley slick right where you need itTongue out