Fishing Hat

 Hey guys, its time for me to buy a new hat for the boat and im interested to hear what others think works best. 

 I have fair skin so i need to be careful about sun burn and need to cover up well - A baseball cap is not good enough

 but of course theres the practical aspect of it also, some hats are a bit cumbersome    

 What kind of hat do you like to wear when fishing?

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Two hats

Fri, 2021-10-08 10:29

 I like a wide stiff brimmed straw hat when stationary....but go a cap or soft brimmed hat when travelling at speed.


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 I'm the same Ricey. Wear a

Fri, 2021-10-08 10:50

 I'm the same Ricey. Wear a white Nike baseball cap when travelling (doesn't get hot in the sun) and then a straw Daiwa hat from BCF at other times. The straw one really protects the whole neck region well.

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 x 3Cap when underway and

Fri, 2021-10-08 11:19

 x 3

Cap when underway and wide straw hat (quicksilver for me from BCF) when stopped. 

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Fri, 2021-10-08 10:29



Wise man says - first take the plank out of your own eye before trying to take the speck out of somebody else's.

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soft brim

Fri, 2021-10-08 11:46

 soft brim cap but the type that covers down the back of the neck and over the ears.

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Fri, 2021-10-08 11:50

BCF stock a cap called an "Adapt-a-cap"

Best fishing hat I've ever had - like you, I'm fair skinned and have had more than my share of meat chopped out of me over the years by the skin Doc.  

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 Straw hat for when out in

Fri, 2021-10-08 12:16

 Straw hat for when out in the sun . Last one I got from k mart was $8 . Lasts about 6 months up in hedland 


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 The one I got from BCF is

Fri, 2021-10-08 14:00

 The one I got from BCF is pretty decent quality and cost under $30. Some I tried on were too tight (fat head) but the Daiwa one is comfy. Depends on the size of your melon 

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 I've tried them all and

Fri, 2021-10-08 14:15

 I've tried them all and found nothing provides more protection than the lycra balaclava style. Fully covers neck lips and ears in all conditions and won't blow off. When stationary I slap on a baseball cap as well. Seem to be quite common these days too

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full brim for me

Fri, 2021-10-08 14:51

with chin rope. 

My grandfather took every precation possible with long arm shirts, collars up and huge hats etc but then still had 2/3rds of his ear cut off due to skin cancer. 


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 Arafhat, thats what they

Fri, 2021-10-08 17:53

 Arafhat, thats what they usded to be called anyway, adaptahat or frill neck. I hate the feeling of buffs but get the same coverage with these style of hats. Straw hats dont stop the reflection off the water or wind burn and have gone without sunscreen on most days and been fine. 


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Baseball ..

Fri, 2021-10-08 18:59

Baseball hat and buff ..

can't go wrong...

cheers pirate. 

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 I find that a baseball hat

Fri, 2021-10-08 22:57

I find that a baseball hat has to be turned around backwards when underway, otherwise it blows off.  Then you end up with all your photos making you look like an overgrown teenager.

I don't recommend this solution.



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 Baseball cap and a hooded

Sat, 2021-10-09 10:04

 Baseball cap and a hooded fishing shirt for me 

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Sat, 2021-10-09 11:56

 Thank You all for your input. 

 Jim, yeah ive been wearing an arafhat but its finally worn out. Worked well but maybe not perfect , I could still get burned around the temples from reflection off the water

 and also resticted my vison at times 

 I like to wear sunglasses too when fishing and i asume some hat options make that difficult or impossible if they cover the ears.

 As someone I love is currently suffering (dying probably) from melanoma that started in an ear and jumped to internal organs, its obviously more front of mind to me now. 

 Something that we all need to take seriously.     

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 Yep I agree, i always

Sat, 2021-10-09 18:10

 Yep I agree, i always tighten the cord so it covers my face and tuck it under my sunnies on the bridge of my nose, bit of a pain but buffs probably are the only other real option


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Sat, 2021-10-09 11:57



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Sailing hat

Sat, 2021-10-09 12:45

 I like a staw hat for comfort when at anchor or on a slow drift, but for a while have been using a  Burke Profile Mesh Panel Sun Hat, from Whitworths. Stiff brim all around and reasonably cool. It has neoprene-like side strips with a quick connect buckle, so you can click it under you chin when moving along without any worry of losing it. If I'm out for a long session I combine it with a light buff style neck wrap and sunscreen, but generally just the hat and sunscreen works well..


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Shelta hat

Sun, 2021-10-10 07:03

 I've been using this Shelta hat for a couple of years now.   It's lightweight, waterproof, floats, brim covers ears and neck, stiff peak like a cap, adjustable head band so it never comes off even in strong wind or at speed on the boat.

A little expensive but well worth the money. 





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Legionaires hat

Thu, 2021-10-14 19:43

 Legionaires hat, never get a burnt neck or ears again.

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 Baseball hat for travelling

Fri, 2021-10-15 08:50

 Baseball hat for travelling and a35 yr old akubra when stopped for a fish.


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