fishing with brad 93

hey guys just to let you no how we went yesterday

well we headed out to hillarys at about 2.00pm.  Then we went out to the light house tryed to get some small fish, too windy and if there was a fish it was just blowiess.  We moved up to the drain on the wall, the guy next to us was getting small sharks (only 50-60cm) so i thought i would hit the big gear, got it out there, then i got some wiried touchers.  Just thinking if you could help me, what they mite be, they were like pressure and then a hit but I kept missing them.  I will try again next weekend anyway.



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i was down there just after

Mon, 2008-03-17 16:20

i was down there just after 1 o'clock on sunday fishing off the disabled platform. about 5 through till just after 6 we got a big run of fish. everyone was catching herring, whiting, yellowtail, bream and of course---- blowies!
i got a double header of what i thought were herring but it turned out to 1 herring and 1 massive blowie almost the same size as the herring! got a nice fight from an undersize bream that smacked my squid and scoffed it with gusto. i was also out there on saturday but only got 1 nice sand whiting.


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