Fin Nor Fury rod

Just saw a Fin Nor 10 foot rod named Fury, 2 piece 8-10 kg, $149. Any one got any idea what it is like say compared to Shimano Starlo Classix and similar models. I'm also looking at Daiwa's new shore jigger but this is over $400 whereas the Daiwa Seajigger is under $300. They're very similar but lure rating slightly different. With rods like the Classix avail it's a bit hard to spend $400 but I need to have a play with both to see which I like better.

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what are you looking to use

Thu, 2012-03-08 02:49

what are you looking to use it for? what weight lures? very light stuff look at lateo pirates, heaver metals and poppers sensor surf 10' or cheaper option rovex 6810

have not seen the fin nor so cant comment

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40 - 60 gm metal lures. Lateo

Sat, 2012-03-10 16:09

40 - 60 gm metal lures. Lateo too light. Seajigger  better but it looks like the Shore jigger is better still but if a cheaper rod will do the job just as well why waste all that money. Shimano's Starlo Classix is not bad and is actually a little stiffer than the Seajigger but longer. Seajigger and shore jigger better than sensor for what I want it for. too many options