Esperance over Easter

Gday all,

I'm heading to Esperance for the long weekend and was wondering if anyone knew what I might be able to get down there?

Reckon salmon will be floating around down there or will all be gone north?

Any suggestions on what beaches to try would be great, got a 4WD while im down there and a few quad bikes so no real restrictions on where to go Wink

Thanks in advance!

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Gday Craggles I'm a local

Mon, 2008-03-10 12:32

Gday Craggles I'm a local and yep the salmon will be firing by then, we actually have salmon all year round at some beaches, but definetly more in autumn. Best time of year for beach fishing, wind dies off salmon are running with decent bronzies following them, gummy sharks and big mulloway, big skippy up to 6kg come inshore and way out east ( Israelite Bay = 200kms)  big pink snapper can be caught from the beach as well. Check my avatar....

Go to the tackle shop in the boulevard and get a local beach map, plenty of good info to be found there. Also grab a live salmon rig while you are there....great for livebaiting 4kg salmon on heavy boat rod/reel combos for bronzies, we do it all the time and works a treat. Those salmon are so tough, they just dont give up.

Out east try Poison Creek, Thomas River/Cape Arid, Alexander Bay and Dunns beach all 4wd access only and all National Park except Alexander Bay so no quads.

Out west try 11 mile, 14 mile and Roses beach but beware all west beaches are really boggy so stay up high at all times, even low tide. Great for quads though, I take mine there all the time.

But it will be busy so get a good spot/hole/ gutter early and camp on it......many locals stay home that long weekend.

Hope this helps, good luck!



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Awsome mate   Thanks for

Mon, 2008-03-10 13:34

Awsome mate


Thanks for the info, my younger sister up there and starting to get into fishing, gotta try and catch something good, be the cool brother ya know Wink