eS 98 Transducer

Hi all,
chasing some opinions.
I have an eS 98 coupled with a CPT100 transducer, was thrown in as a package when I purchased my boat(670c BarCrusher)
Having had it for a while now I would like to venture out and fish in deeper water ~3-500m.

From what I understand the CPT100 is 600w and good to roughly 250-280m.
Have had a bit of a look on line and like the sound of the CP 370 sonar module with a TM 258 1kw transducer.

As when it comes to all this stuff I am not to tech savvy all comments and opinions would be much appreciated.
I have posed the question to a couple of places and thus far no reply from either.


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 Check the posts by glen.vit.

Sat, 2017-04-01 13:30

 Check the posts by glen.vit. He installed an eS128 cp470 and M265 and posted some results.

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keel mounted transducer

Sat, 2017-04-01 15:22

 Haven't seen this done before but probably very suited to the Barcrushers 670.



See the last pic in the article.


 "Grey Ghost",  670HT Barcrusher with 150 Yamaha, based at Cockburn PBC.

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Sun, 2017-04-02 19:36

Thanks for that link. Is a good idea. What are you running on your HT?

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Gday Craig, I have got the

Sun, 2017-04-02 19:00

Gday Craig, I have got the cp470 with the 1kw m265 wet boxed on my rig, works good when i was deep dropping around 300m but would prob work better with a transom mount instead of wetbox? as it doesnt have to penetrate through the hull, im not sure what my max depth read would be but can let you know next week when i get back home.
So i think cp370 is a sonar module? and the 470/570 are CHIRP modules. so depends what you would prefer. The 470 is good for 2kw which im looking at upgrading to.
I had mine installed by midway marine in rockingham, found them to have a pretty decent price for the units when compared with others.

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Hi Glen, Thanks for that. I

Sun, 2017-04-02 19:29

Hi Glen, Thanks for that. I am in South Yunderup so will give them a call when I get home from work (3 weeks).
If you don't mind could you give me a ball park figure for the cost. Thinking might as well go for the 2kw instead of changing it again in 12 months.


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for the cp470 was $1950 from

Sun, 2017-04-02 19:55

for the cp470 was $1950 from memory, my tranny that i got was $1600 im pretty sure. i cant remember how much for labour though sorry, im thinking about going 2kw also, so if you can why not ahaha