DIY Eva boat flooring

Has anyone installed the Eva boat flooring in their boat? There are a few different DIY brands online just not sure if it is worth it or just get new carpet


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Cheap Stuff

Thu, 2021-02-04 08:24

 I have just had my boat done with the EVA foam flooring. I only used the cheap stuff, not seadek or deck armour and its only been down for a couple of weeks so i cant comment on how robust it is - time will tell. I do also run a couple of large carpeted rubber backed outdoor mats just to help protect the eva foam from dragging the ice box around. Might seem stupid to run mats over the top, but atleast the mats are easy to remove after each fishing trip and i got sick of carpet taking so long to dry. Now i throw the mats out, hose down the floor and it is dry in no time.

The laying of the eva foam was very easy for me - I phoned a friend!! A mate lays commercial vinyl for a living so he did it for me, i was just the T/A for the job. Took a couple of hours to get it down.


I will put a pic up when I can work out how to do it!!!!!

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If you want to post in an existing thread

Thu, 2021-02-04 08:32

 You need a photo hosting site. Click on the photo, get a HTML link. Then go the the bottom of the Reply box, click on Disable Rich Text , then just paste the link in. Easy, but you need photo hosting first . If you are the thread starter, you can just upload from your computer, so it might be easier to start a separate thread if you want to post photos 

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Here it is

Thu, 2021-02-04 09:22
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You have a lot of choices, for sure

Thu, 2021-02-04 08:35

 If you get the sea dek/deck armour sort of stuff, you can get it pre-cut and then lay it yourself, as you would have seen. But the existing templates are pretty limited, really. So you would have to do some exact measurements if you wanted it pre-cut. The really good looking jobs rely on having the margins all done professionally. Just buying a roll and laying it yourself won't get anywhere near the same cosmetic result. 

The other alternative is the Z-tread and Octogrip Ultralon. This is made by the same company that makes U-deck. I've dealt with a company who sells the stuff in rolls.  


They have an online shop here    The advantage of the Z-tread type stuff is that is is generally more durable than the soft foam type, still easy on the feet, good non-slip. It also has the advantage of being easier to do a good job of laying as it doesn't require the margins to be done to look good. They sell it in 2mx 1m rolls for $220. It is 3M adhesive backed, as are most of them.  They quote the same price for both the 3mm ( which I used) and the 5mm, which would be very soft underfoot, I'd think. So you can lay a deck for a reasonable amount. If you go this way, PM me and I'll give you some tips on cutting and laying--I'd definitely recommend allowing for the Primer 94 listed to aid adhesion, and some kind of roller. If you start sizing up your needs, bear in mind that the pattern only runs one way. 

I'd really go for this over carpet--I've had carpet, it always ends up stinking, stays wet, catches hooks, hard to get fish blood out of, this stuff kills it. Blood and slime hoses off, and, if you do manage to stain it, a home pressure cleaner brings it up as new. 


This is the finished job on my boat, plenty of pics on the net , Mansfields have some good ones


You can get some of the flasher looking eva stuff pretty cheap, but I've seen a lot of negative comments on longevity--you have a thin veneer of colour over foam, and it can get old-looking real quick. I'd go for good stuff, laid well, don't do the job twice inside a few years.

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~ 2years ago i helped my mate

Thu, 2021-02-04 08:51

~ 2years ago i helped my mate (yep i was the friend phoned) lay the teak looking eva you can get off ali-express or ebay in his cockpit, we spent ffff ing hours doing it (to get the corners right and going around hatches) it looked awesome - until winter - and all the edges started lifting and the following summer it bubbled in some patches -
It is still on and holding up ok (mainly due to the edges being sika-d down - lots of work and bricks to hold down!) but in hindsight tim would put the money towards better quality gear

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Did the cheap EBay recently

Thu, 2021-02-04 10:34

 Did the cheap EBay EVA about 6 months ago. Looks a million bucks and is quite resilient against blood, etc.

Prepped by #80 sand and acetone clean then sealed some edges with Sika

However - middle section is lifting - it is where the 3m sticky joins the foam not where it joins the deck - so i guess not too good from factory.

Also some edges i didn't Sika are lifting as well.

NOTE: allow for shrinkage - i feel this is why the centre is pulling away - i cut to exact size then as i was laying it, it was shrinking, so i stretched it to make it reach the end. Learnt from that and all other bits i allowed a good inch each direction and trimmed on installation with a box cutter.

For what i paid i cannot complain - so much better than the carpet i had.


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Had the choice of carpet or

Thu, 2021-02-04 15:19

Had the choice of carpet or seadek when I ordered the boat. As the boat was to be both a fishing and family boat I went with Seadek.

The worry I had was how it stood up to fishing. It's 3 years old now, many hours of fishing and 1 cray season under my belt - it still looks great.

Yes, if you look closely there are a few knife cuts and a couple of scuffs, but I only notice them when cleaning. Nobody else notices them.

I can do a night snapper fishing, blood, squid ink and burley everywhere then take the family to Rotto the next day without any complaints about smell or dirt.

When it eventiually wears out - it will be replaced with the same. No way I would go to carpet.


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We done it

Thu, 2021-02-04 15:19

 I had the same thought a while ago and went down the DIY path.

I used some I got on eBay only because it used the 3M adhesive backing. I prepped by sanding the whole floor (Glass Boat) and cleaned down with plenty of acetone. I also used SIKA 4600 Contact Adhesive on the back of the sheets and on the floor.

It will shrink if you're not really careful that you don't stretch it as you lay it down as mentioned above so cut it all 20-25mm longer and you'll be good. 

I have had one or two small sections on the edges lift and easy to clean the surfaces and reapply the Sika.

It is pretty durable and blood etc cleans off easily.  

Good cheap option and i'd do it again. To floor whole boat including Sika set me back less than $500.


 Use The Force

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Did you use the 3M Primer 94?

Thu, 2021-02-04 18:28

 it seems like a lot of money for a small amount, but it makes a HUGE difference. My first use was on the starboard deck hatches on the Reefrunner. I ended up replacing them with one big hatch. The Z-Tread had stuck well, didn't use the primer,  but you could peel it off by hand if you pulled, it came off in one piece. Contrast this to my experience when I went to do the whole deck--I got too ambitious on the new deck hatch and surround, learnt a hard lesson, looked like shit. So I ordered another sheet and pulled the bad job up. I had put it down using the Primer 94. F***rk. What a job. I had to use a heat gun, pulled it off in bits, and then had to get rubber glue remover to get the residue off. Took me a whole day to get it up. Well worth the expense. Pro tip--if you pull stuff like this up, you get the residue off with Digger's rubber glue remover. Paint it on, paint scraper, re-do if necessary. 

My prep consisted of a light sand with a fine disc on an orbital sander, then a wipe with metho, before applying the primer. You give it a short while until it is dry to the touch, then drop the adhesive-backed finish on, better get it right, because you will destroy it before you move it.

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 If i had found the stuff

Fri, 2021-02-05 10:32

 If i had found the stuff that Ranmar has, i think i would have used that instead of the cheap eva foam. Will see how it goes and if it turns out to be crap, i will pull it up and go the z-tread but definatley not going back to carpet. 

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 Thanks for the tips on

Fri, 2021-02-05 19:42

 Thanks for the tips on installation. Bring a plate ally boat I have found a grey and black teak style with 3m adhesive similar price to the z grip. For the large areas I think it will be easier to join the pattern up. 

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Not so much a matter of joining the pattern up...

Sat, 2021-02-06 08:50 making sure you haven't cut at 90 degrees to the way you have been using it, ie, if you are laying along the length of the sheet, as you would expect, you can't get an off cut and turn it at 90 degrees to fill in a bit somewhere.  As an example look at the RHs of this pic. Run your eye forward towards the seat base, and you will see a narrow strip across of what looks like a slightly dufferent colour. That's what happens if you don't lay it all the same way. I was out of options, unless I wanted to buy another full sheet, and that is completely hidden under the firdge during normal use, so I just did it. It would look pretty crap on an exposed area.