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Hello everyone,

      im heading to Dirk Hartog for 13 days mid october with the missus, notch point, sandy point, urchin point and turtle bay , the majority of time spent at the last 2 spots 

      Just looking for a bit of info on what im in for,

      i gotta a 120litre fuel tank on a diesel pajero and three 20litre jerrys, is that enough to last us?

      1 spare tire

      probably 120 litres of water , we camping so thats showers too but quick ones without wasting too much

      hows the weather ususally that time of the year?

      anything else i may need, Satelite phone?

      Also what sort of fishing is on offer at the above mentioned locations

      any info much appreciated!

      thanks so much guys

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Thu, 2023-09-28 10:26

 Hey mate been a there a long time ago around the same time and camped at Urchin point in the shack there. Awesome place we had great fishing off the cliffs South of there for a few days before a massive swell hit making it unsafe and unfishable.

Travel up to the North end was slow going and we managed to stake 2 tyres just unlucky I guess. fishing of the West coast was from the cliffs so the usual safety precautions there and the East was all very shallow but well protected from the wind. There's also a few santuary zones around Turtle bay and some of the East coast now which you will have to pay attention to.

Hope you get some good weather and enjoy. 


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 thanks mate,ill look at

Fri, 2023-09-29 05:52

 thanks mate,

ill look at taking another spare tyre, hanks for the info


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 Feel free to pm for

Sun, 2023-10-01 20:02

 Feel free to pm for questions. I've only done a couple of trips so no expert. Fuel wise we did a similar trip in a 200 series,(140l tank) made it back to overlander without using spare fuel (we had 40l back up). All depends on your vehicle, weight, how you drive etc). Water, again depends on individual needs but need to be self sufficient. Last year tracks were badly corrogated, we run about 20psi but again depends on you vehicle and load. Lots of people at road pressures wrecking the tracks. Fishing wise, pm or search here.