Dinghy fishing in the Pilbara

Gday guys just wondering what the inshore fishing is like in the Karratha area? I'm moving up to Tom Price soon from Esperance, and will be hitting the coast for a fish as often as I can and was wondering if it was worth bringing my 375 rooftopper or is most of the better fishing done offshore in decent boats?

Pilbara Brad and Jay Burgess, you blokes would be in the know?

 Cheers for any help


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I fly in/out of Tom Price

Mon, 2008-03-10 01:12

I fly in/out of Tom Price and one thing to remember is you can't take trailers on the access road which is the quickest way to Karratha. A car topper will be great for chasing jacks and barra round the creeks and will even get you out fairly far on a good day. At least with the car topper you can go the short way to the coast and get some decent fishing in.
So many fishing spots. Not enough sickies!!!!!!!

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Gday Watto, yeah thats what

Mon, 2008-03-10 01:41

Gday Watto, yeah thats what I was counting on, the access road, cuts the trip by half I've heard. Cheers mate

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woody there is a million

Mon, 2008-03-10 18:06

woody there is a million options close to shore, all those bluebone etc are less than 2 mmiles from the ramp mate, big gts and other options off the burrup with a car topper. Plenty of creek options too mate in nichol bay and cleverville as well as the samson area. When you plan on comming over let us know and we can have a beer or something, im sure Jay will be keen for it. Heaps of other options come to mind mate, too much to list. A misconception that you need a big boat although it helps only with the pain in the ass wind we have been getting of late thats all.

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yep, agree with everything

Tue, 2008-03-11 16:35

yep, agree with everything Brad said. Well worthwhile bringing the car topper.

Thumbs up on the beer suggestion too :)

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Cool thanks guys, I'll make

Tue, 2008-03-11 19:24

Cool thanks guys, I'll make sure I bring it,  along with a swag of lures, whole different ballgame up there compared to southern fishing. Cant wait.





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Where in TP are ya working

Tue, 2008-03-11 19:48

Woody are you one of the new starters at the Tom Price Truckshop or are you in another devision. I work on Team 3 in the Truckshop and it would be good to catch up i know the areas around sampson and Dampier and would be more than happy to show you around { if wife allows } Also as for fishing outside of the creeks i have a 6.0 Trailcraft that will accomodate quite easily.

Cheers Boozehag

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Tom Price

Tue, 2008-03-11 21:39

Woody, Im bring my boat up at the end of may its 5.4 pacemaker with a 90horse merc, You should give me a PM around that time and I will be happy to take you out fishing and show ya some spots.

PS. Boozehag you ever need some deckies in short notice me and watto can help, chip in the usual,booze/bait/fuel.
But, I also reckon it wouldn't be hard to find some deckies in tom price, I think everyone would put there hand up.

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Cheers Boozehag and Greeny,

Wed, 2008-03-12 14:58

Cheers Boozehag and Greeny, thanks for the offers, good to hear there is so many keen fishos up there, nothin better i reckon. I'll catch you guys up there.