Crays off Mandurah

Hey all

Going to try put the pots out in the water tomorrow off Mandurah

Was wondering if anyone can send me in the right direction for where the crays are at the moment.
Going to head off Dawsville i think, but not sure what depths the crays are in at the moment.

I know up around metro they are around the 20m mark, and quite a few so i hear.

Any info would be appreciated



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I was told today they are

Sat, 2007-12-08 18:45

I was told today they are 42NM off Mandurah, with plenty of fish on the same ground

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Well no crays thus far. Got

Mon, 2007-12-10 09:13

Well no crays thus far.

Got the pots in at 15-18m out 3.5mile

3 pulls for 1 icky so far. Talk on the ramps is thats its pretty quiet in close. Might have to move them out to the bank i guess.

Did get 1 pot stolen...bastards, brand new wooden pot gone!

O well  thats the cutt throat going of cray fishing yeh!