Coral Bay pack list

Ok, y'all told me to ask specific questions, so here are some for you.

We plan to be out on the boat for four days of fishing on this trip to Coral Bay.  What gear would you pack for the trip?  We have a 6.5 meter boat.  Two medium/heavy bait-casting rigs.  Two medium spinning rigs, and probably 3-4 light/medium spinning rigs.

So I want to know what weight line you would use? mono or braid?

What and how many lures would you take for trolling for Spanish Mack/tuna/etc?  colors and sizes if you don't mind? any idea on tactics for trolling? time of day, speed, depth of water?

What size weights/hooks would you take for bottom fishing there?  How would you rig them?  I assume we'll need wire leaders for everything, so what weights/lengths and how many? 

 Other gear that you wouldn't leave home without?  Please, don't assume that I know anything about saltwater fishing...bc I don't know much!


if you are willing to tackle any and all of these questions....I'd really appreciate it!  No offense to Tackle Shops, but I hate asking these questions there, bc I can't shake the feeling that they just want to sell me as much as possibe.  I'd rather hear this stuff from you guys.  Feel free to give me some helpful links to...I don't mind doing some digging. 

Thanks in advance for all the help/advice! 

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id reconmend 20-50lbs for

Sat, 2008-02-09 12:07

id reconmend 20-50lbs for trolling depending on what lure, we had success on halco deep divers trolling over shellow bombies for trout, travelly, mackeral and tuna you'll need at least 30lb if using deep divers. skirts work a treat for tuna and makeral, troll skirts and minnows at around 8kn along a shelf or drop off.