computer based sounder cruzpro

Hi all

is there anyone out there who is using a computer based sounder. I'm using a cruzpro system on a toshiba laptop and it has been good up to now however I plan on going deep this summer and was wondering if anyone else had used one at deapths greater than 150m If anyone has any tips about using sounders to search the deeps I would be most gratfull.Just a note on the side I can't sing the praises about toshiba laptops enough.

Went to Exmouth a couple of years back went out in the gulf when it would have been smarter to say in the caravan short choppy seas (we are talking about a laptop on a 6m quinnie here wave came over the bow hit the windscreen splashed over that and dumped a lot of water on the keyboard and killed the laptop right there and then. Got back to the caravan thought what the hell, turned laptop upside down and proceeded to wash the salt water out with the hot water that was in the hose that had been in the sun.Left laptop upside down for 2 days plugged it in gave it a kick in the guts (applied power) and hey presto on it went and has not missed a beat since. It has been dropped onto the deck bumped very hard when the boat has fallen out of waves etc. I run nav programme Tsunarmi navigator (great) and cruzpro pcff80 a click of one key and it switches between programmes. So I have a sounder with a 12" screen at a fraction of the cost of the large pro sounders, how does it stand up against the big furunos lowrances etc, short answer don't know haven had the unit alongside another boat to check out what each can see.