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So Im heading up to Broome in the end of April. Driving up inland thru to Hedland and on up to Broome for a week, back down the coast to Exmouth for a week then back down south again.

Itd be stupid of me not to take advantage of the fishing while im up there! I have Exmouth sorted but Im chasing advice for Broome.

Im actually really keen to chase barra up there. I have done a search on here already so dont think im lazy - I went thru 10 pages of searches and didnt really get much info.

Do you think it would be best to go on a barra fishing charter or can anyone help me out with advice to go after them on my own?

am I going at an ok time of year for them?

what sort of gear should I lug up there with me?

any advice is appreciated guys as Im right at the start of my barramundi education at the momet!


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G'day Im no expert at barra

Wed, 2012-03-14 17:42



Im no expert at barra fishing at all but i do know that most fishing charters up there are run by locals, and they really know what there doing.  So i guess if you find a decent charter you can't really go wrong :)

A rod and reel of about 25-35 lb is ideal and  can easily handle the metre plus barra but if your fishing in very snaggy country then something more around 40lb is good.

From all the barra fishin i've watched on tv they say that any time of the year can produce good fish, but the Darwin Barra Classics is held midway through may, which is the peak season for them.

Anyway hope i helped a bit :)




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ah ok

Fri, 2012-03-16 10:44

cheers. i might go with a charter unless someone pipes up and gives me some other advice haha. I have gear that should hack it fine. might be a matter of dropping into a fishing store or boat ramp up there and having a chat with a local who knows his stuff?

well sounds like im heading up at an ok time of year then!

cheers ey

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mate are you taken a dinky?

Wed, 2012-03-14 19:00

mate are you taken a dinky?

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Fri, 2012-03-16 10:35

just taking the car up - its gonna be thirsty enough without dragging a boat up too haha. and aside from that up in exxy i can go out on my brother in laws boat which is better than mine.

do you know of a place where id need a boat? 

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Barra gear

Sun, 2021-01-24 21:39

 I asked a similar question as to what to use to land Barra 

Among some of the messages I received was to view some of the gear used by local Charters and 'Utube' Barra videos, to see what the locals are using!!
I had thought to get a heavy rod and reel would have been the way to go... how wrong was I 

My investigations lead to a Baitcaster rod rated @ PE 3 or maybe PE 2 - 4 max.
and match with a decent Baitcaster reel.
I was very prepared to buy a Rod/Reel combo at about a Grand.
However, I bought based on those Utube videos etc @ $310 total combo including 200 Yds of 40lb braid.

Check out what others are using when they show off those big meter Barra - they are using gear that works.



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If it's a fleeting visit then

Mon, 2021-01-25 12:51

If it's a fleeting visit then treat yourself to a charter, sit back, relax, have a beer and let someone else put you on the fish. Most importantly, speak to the charter operator and ask questions, dont be shy, he should be able to tell you of a preferable date that coincides with more favourable tides upon the dates you will be in Broome, asked him where you will fish so you can look it up on google earth, the type of gear he uses ( this will answer your other question, whether it be spin or baitcast).

I have always had a boat and never fished land based but I'm sure the Wharf would be worth a target at night under lights ( message meeuswin - I think that's how its spelt), if your keen for a drive then Willie Creek pearl farm has some access to land based spots (careful of the crocs). I have caught some nice barra from right up the creek to the mouth and plenty of mud crabs.

Cheers and good luck.

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oh man, I didnt realise this

Mon, 2021-01-25 13:29

oh man, I didnt realise this was from 8 years ago lol - back to work.