Bottom Bounce / Fast - 200g+ Overhead Jigging Combo

Getting bored with lock down, so killing time online looking at a new combo.

I have PE2 and PE3 slow pitch combo's covered however looking for a shorter (6ft or less) rod and overhead reel that can be left in the rod holder dragging a sinker across the bottom while I jig. Will also double as a heavier slow jig and fast jig combo, particularly in deeper water. 

I like the idea of the Ocean's Legacy Adrenaline PE 3-6. However keen to hear if there are other options in a similar price bracket (or less)

Not sure about the reel. Jigging Master PE3 would be great but don't want to spend anywhere near that much. Have looked at the Torium 16, is the Tyrnos a better choice? Any other options?

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Reel wise

Sun, 2020-04-19 13:35

 Talica 8

those reels punch so much above their weight it's crazy. 
I have one with pe3 on it, and can use for either jogging or bottom bashing all day long.