Anybody else encounter schools of blowies Myalup way? Went out a few weeks back and setup for an evening/night fish. Caught a few whiting and set them up as live bait .. they would last about 20 minutes .. so then tried a set of gangs to see if i could catch whatever it was .. all i got back was a cleaned out whiting skull .. even into the brain cavity ... musta been blowies surely .. never known anything else to chew a fresh whiting that fast

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 Ever seen what sea lice can

Fri, 2020-04-17 17:41

 Ever seen what sea lice can do to a fish . Blowies probably wouldn't have left a cleaned out skull


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 Night fishing I'd suggest

Fri, 2020-04-17 18:24

 Night fishing I'd suggest sea lice for sure

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   apart from the last 12

Fri, 2020-04-17 19:04

   apart from the last 12 years living in the UK I've fished here all my life ... never seen it before .. but would they do it that quick? Used to get the occasional lice in yellowtail or mackeral but never to chew through a live whiting or a fresh whiting ... have things changed that much in 12 years ???


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sand crabs

Sat, 2020-04-18 08:48

 can clean up baits pretty quick.

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 Looks like I need a new

Sat, 2020-04-18 09:14

 Looks like I need a new fishing spot then :-(

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Pickers at their best

Sat, 2020-04-18 12:33

 Just spent three nights on the beach was having the same problem. 

Any bait was getting destroyed by tarwhine/silver bream small whiting and blowies.

Even live herring were getting smashed made for very difficult fishing.


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