anyone going out fishing tonight?? (landbased)

anyone going out to wet a line??

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i headded out to the

Sat, 2008-03-01 22:09

i headded out to the disabled platform at hillarys at just after 1pm. a few bites but nothing to brag about. At about 5ish, the whitebait started to jump out of the water. we realised something was after them and quickly switched to mulies and lures. tailor and wahat some people said were salmon started smashing the whitebait on the surface. no luck with a river2sea 14gm sea rock in whitebait colour so i changed back to mulies. at about 9ish i saw something playing around with my mulie on the alvey. it took three big hits and started to run a bit. i quikcly took control and struck. i thought i ha missed it but there was a weight there. i was dissapointed when a baby port jackson shark of about 35cm surfaced. no luck with anything else until some people came with light gea and picked up a few herring yelloewtail and these weird fish that were kinda crossed with a dart and a sweep.


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Sat, 2008-03-01 22:13

i always catch herring of the platform, cause that is all i know is deffinately out there. never go home without breaky

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lol i just got back from there irish...

Sat, 2008-03-01 23:56

i went there about 930pm.....wind was blowing hard....nothing had touch my bait!!!..
i had mulie and squid !! but nothing was hungry ...haha so u think salmon was around??
i nv seen salmon caught here b4? only tailor!!
hmm and how big are the salmon?? do you know??
i'm chasing them this year....but so far no luck is on my side.....the mole is abit too far for me!!
so i was wondering whether is there any other spots nearer to joondie that salmon runs through??

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when the slmon are around in

Sun, 2008-03-02 01:12

when the slmon are around in numbers, not y t though, try cott and scarbourough area u should pick 1 up