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hey guys i could be going down to albany but i dont know where to fish (will be landbased) i want to try the river and also the beaches but i dont know where any help on any location would be great


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Wed, 2008-05-07 07:52

Hi Keen,

I'm based in Mt Barker, but fish out of Albany. Though the vast majority is done from our boat, so I can't give you a huge amount of info.

There's been quite a lot salmon caught from the beaches - both east of town and west. Also some good halls of bream and the occassional mulla in the rivers - for example the Kalgan.

The best I can give you is this link to Albany gateway - it has a run down on some land-based spots:

If you've never fished down in Albany, please; be VERY careful if you are fishing off the rocks - if they are black, they are slippery - don't go there. You need to watch the swells down in Albany - the southern ocean can sneek up on you. So if you intend on fishing from the rocks - it's wise to:

1) Watch the area you intend to fish from for at least 15 minutes first.

2) Don't take your eyes off the water.

3) Wear a PFD.

There has also been some pretty decent sambos caught off the rocks. Unfortunately, I don't know the spots so can't tell you.

Hope that helps a bit anyway! 






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thanks for that i dont know

Wed, 2008-05-07 18:56

thanks for that i dont know if i will go off the rocks coz last time i was there it looked deadly and where is the kalgan

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First of all, Keen, Have you

Wed, 2008-05-07 21:35

First of all, Keen, Have you got a 4WD? If so, the South coast opens up for you with places like Bornholm, Dingos, West Cape Howe, Gull Rock Beach, Nanarup, Cheynes Beach, Bluff Creek (working West to East).

2WD: Shelleys Beach(beautiful scenery!) Sandpatch(nearly 600 steps down a cliff face and UP AGAIN!!!!) Cable Beach, Middleton Beach,Emu Point, Nanarup, Cheynes Beach(in front of the township) Two Peoples Bay( nice squid at the eastern end!!). Again working roughly West to East.

I know some would target Mulloway and big Black Bream fro the two rivers(Kalgan and King) but I never gave them much of a go, more into the salt water stuff.


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Great post Laurie

Wed, 2008-05-07 22:12

Great post Laurie, looks like plenty of tips there.  I have only fished west of Denmark so can't help much around Albany.  West cape howe is a wild spot, definately worth a look as is the bream fishing in the Hay river close to Denmark.




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Good Point Laurie - Kalgan

Thu, 2008-05-08 11:22

LOL - Good point Laurie, yes, whether you have a 4by or2by will make a difference.

As for the Kalgan River - what you need is a good map of the area because the Kalgan goes all the way from Albany to Takalarup (SE of the Porongurups), though you'll only (as far as I know) catch long neck turtles in the upper reaches.

Otherwise, have a squizt on Google Earth.

There's been some good bream (and mulla!) caught in both the Kalgan and King, and also the Hay River.

Like I said Keen, get yourself a good map!






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Hi Ya,   Albany can be a

Fri, 2008-05-09 13:30

Hi Ya,


Albany can be a wild place.  A number of years ago I and the missus were at the natural bridge during a storm.  Actually saw water come over the top of the bridge.  Couldn't believe my eyes.


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