90kg drag power!

Found this reel on the Bluewater site...

Daiwa Marine Power 3000

Daiwa's 13/0-size lever drag electric reel. This model takes 1400m of PE12 (110lb) YGK braid. Clip it on to a 12-volt deep cycle battery and save yourself a lot of winding!

Marine Power 3000 is a serious workhorse. This reel weighs 5.5kg, retrieves 85m/minute with up to 90kg drag power! Can be operated manually if required (gear ratio 1.7:1), runs on 16 CRBB ball bearings, is waterproof, washable, and has every desirable feature.


Holy shizzle !  You could get your 4x4 out of trouble with that pulling power.

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Yeah i checked them out a

Tue, 2007-09-04 07:59

Yeah i checked them out a while back for fishing the 500m mark outwide! They look the goods but not for that price IMO, but you forgot to add the line depth digital counter and they are really suited to custom made rods with the rightangle roller tips for direct vertical line retrieval but can be put on a "VERY" powerful 100lb short stroker........if you can hold onto it!lol.

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the tanacom bull is alot

Tue, 2007-09-04 08:30

the tanacom bull is alot more practicle, and in most peoples price range too at around 995. Not saying that isnt a nice reel but its a bit over the top IMO. SHort of a commercial fishermen using it i cant really see it being practicle, at least not here in perth!

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Tue, 2007-09-04 16:29

I have seen a few leccy reels on the boat I go out on , fits a niche well .

As we all go deeper and aeeper we will all be looking for something like this .

I for one will never say I won't own one , would be great for the sea mounts out in the trench .



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Extreme Caution

Fri, 2007-09-07 22:11

All this power bolted onto what?

Offshore from here is a big sea mount, whats down there is getting everyone guessing.

Recently a boat went there with an electric reel set-up, the type that fits into the rod holder.
This beast was a commercial grade machine, fitted with steel cable and a steel 'rod' and single pulley for a tip roller.
Something was hooked that pulled the stern of the boat around, folded down the 'rod' and tore the rod holder out through the side of the GRP hull.

They managed to get back, but with a large repair bill and no electric reel or any fish.

The only questions they answered concerned the boats strength compared to the cable and drag mechanism of the system (or lack of both).