5 Amp Battery Charger

 Hi All

My 5 Amp C Tek charger of many years is finally giving up the ghost.

Was thinking of a Noco Genius to replace it as it does Lithium as well. Any thoughts on this




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 The Cteks are very good

Mon, 2022-10-31 20:05

 The Cteks are very good chargers, but unfortunately let down by the importers if my memory serves me.

I had one that packed up well within 5 yrs.

Contacted importer, who told me there are several importers.

I gave them the serial number and they refuesed to check if it was one of theirs.

I contacted Ctek who said it was manufactured well within 5 yrs and to go thru any importer as they would replace it.

But they wouldnt without a receipt to prove they imported it.

Ctek replaced direct after a bit of too and fro



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 sorry about your issues with

Tue, 2022-11-01 12:14

 sorry about your issues with ctek 

I bought mine from Baintech AU

I had the exact opposite- i lost the screw that hold the terminal on , dropped into car where i couldnt get it

Baintech at there cost, sent one to me to a dealer in tassie , as we were traveling there at the time

they also included some other bits and pieces , heatshrink, spare terminals etc.

I will only buy there products _ i rate CTEK

there are cheap rip offs that looks exactly the same





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 I have had a 21A Projecta

Tue, 2022-11-01 16:03

 I have had a 21A Projecta charger now for better than 7 years and used regularly that hasnt missed a beat.

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Battery charger

Fri, 2022-11-25 13:41

 Hi and thankjs for the responses

I have decied to stay with Ctek. My previous one lasted many years



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