Warroora Station

Warroora Station

Just got back from 2 weeks at Warroora Station. Stayed at Sandy Point this time as it's better protection for the boats when moored rather than the Lagoon where we had stayed in previous years.

Up a month earlier this year and the fishing for Demersals was very slow with the norm being to drift some ground, catch a fish then move on to new ground because the fish were spooked easily. We did manage to find 1 spot in the 70's that produced consistantly but being 40km's away made for long journeys each day. Was told this could have been due to a major Coral spawn that happens at this time of year and sucks a lot of Oxygen from the water.

Plenty of Pelagics though with a lot more Yellow Fin Tuna this year in the 5 - 8 kg range.


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Too hands hay?

Sun, 2013-04-14 11:06

I know better.... ha ha

no sambuca mate?

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Ha Ha Damo!, giving the liver

Sun, 2013-04-14 22:03

Ha Ha Damo!, giving the liver a rest,... well at least now I'm home.


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