My combo loaded! ATT: MITCH

My combo loaded! ATT: MITCH

Yeah this is the combo I was talking about previously Mitch. The reel is solid so far, No probs....

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Fri, 2008-06-27 17:40

Good to see the shirt made it to you in time Maxy.  So brand new too..  Nicely loaded up there mate.


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Fri, 2008-06-27 17:46

got it in time alright. Looks good too. Maybe a Rankin on the other end, can't remember really.

 It's the Torque 200 on a OH Silstar Crystal Blue. Love those rods for the price. I gave it alot of stick up there without a hick up. Can't wait for another trip up that way. Maybe Coral bay this time. Atleast you can snorkel/swim if the winds up......