Fisheries Target

Fisheries Target

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 So how come commerical

Fri, 2022-08-19 14:06

 So how come commerical pulling out 283t (247t + 36t charter) is acceptable and Rec pulling out 210-253t is unaccaeptable.


Why must rec fishers take the brunt of the restrictions

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Commercial take

Fri, 2022-08-19 16:24

 The commercial take is down 203 tonne on what their allowable take with their target of 450 tonne . I am not sure if pro mate in Shark Bay has had any of his snapper quota returned that they took a few years back, down from 25 tonne down to 5 b with bycatch -red emp, goldband, cod etc] down to 3 tonne making his eason down to 2 trips. 

I know the south west and southern zones have had increase restrictions on them by limiting the number of days they are allowed to fish reduced

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Fri, 2022-08-19 16:34


Pure economics and politics, nothing more. Try to lessen the impact to industry and those who buy their produce, which would cover a larger segment of the community than the rec fishing crowd. Not saying it's right, but that would be the reasoning. 

It's politically less dangerous to upset less (rec fishers) than many, (those whose fish and chips or xmas seafood triples in price if industry wear the brunt). 


That's why it's imperative that all recreational fishers make serious representations to the Minister and Premier about their disapproval of this. 400,000 rec fishers is not insignificant.


The fishing industry is already talking about a class action against the government, Rec fishers need to make themselves heard also. 


Enough noise, particularly if it's from both sides and there's still a chance but silence will ensure this ridiculous change is implemented. 

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 I read comments from a

Fri, 2022-08-19 18:40

 I read comments from a charter operator today on FB that it's time for the recs to take some pain as it's all our fault.

Nice one, I called this clown out about his divisive comments and mentioned too how about directing his anger to the  government department responsible for the mismanagement over the years that's led to this cluster fuck. 

  I almost suggested to him not good to fry recs when his FB page advertises his charter business. 


Love the West!