Winderabandi Point- Ningaloo Station

 Hey guys,

Looking for some info on the track conditions of Ningaloo Station, particularly Winderabandi Point. I know that Parks and Wildlife have taken over and was just wondering if they have done any grading etc lately. 

Heading up early July. 



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Wed, 2020-06-17 17:11

 Funnily I was talking to a bloke at work about this, and he said it was terrible.

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I was out there end of May

Tue, 2020-06-23 11:31

I was out there end of May and the road in was as average as ever. approx 2hr run from the bitumen to get to into camp towing a boat. yardie creek was closed then after the cyclone past over but opened up soon after so may be another option. on our way out there were cues of people rolling in so I would say the track wont be any better.

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 Looks like a good spot. 

Tue, 2020-06-23 12:30

 Looks like a good spot. 


Love the West!

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 We are camping at Ningaloo

Mon, 2020-06-29 14:14

 We are camping at Ningaloo Station at the moment and I can confirm the track is as bad as ever. Zero maintenance being done by DPAW as them, the exmouth shire and the exmouth council all claim it's someone else's responsibility... nothing new there. Funding has been allocated to grade it but it's getting worse by the day with the increasing traffic. School holidays should make it a real treat... upside is it keeps the place a little more remote and protected from the masses...

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 It's a long way around

Tue, 2020-06-30 21:12

 It's a long way around coming in from yardie, the track from the creek to winderbandi is often pretty crap also.


I'm not sure what the creek has been like to cross but the exmouth side is often reasonably steep if your towing anything.


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Yardie crossing is pretty good ATM

Wed, 2020-07-01 20:29

 Rock hard damp sand on the south side, a little softer on the north end, and getting dug out, as usual, as you go up onto the hard. But that can change from day to day as parks will throw some fill at it at some stage. The track down from Yardie is much the same as it ever was. The station road just gets worse every year. Grade it? Gone way past that, too late to grade most of it. Waste of time. It took me 3 hours from Winderabandi to the bitumen when I took the boat up to Exmouth 4 days ago.  Coming in, a month ago, I did the same trip, same rig, in 2 hrs 10min. Yesterday, with the camper trailer on the back and the ute loaded right up,  I did it in an hour and a half, but a 2.5 rated tonne single axle running big tyres rides a lot better than a boat tandem.

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Hey Ranmar, heading up next

Wed, 2020-07-15 19:33

Hey Ranmar, heading up next week and not looking forward to the Ningaloo station access road after school holidays. Going to be camping Winderabandi and was thinking of going round top and coming down through Yardi and along coast, towing tinny on custom trailer.. what’s your thoughts champ, bit easier on gear coming in from North. Cheers for intel. 

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Much easier coming in from the north.

Fri, 2020-07-17 08:57

 Going via Yardie, you only have 22k of bad track to deal with. (To Winderabandi) Other way, of course, you have nearly 30k of the station access road, just appalling, then 25k up to Winderabandi, if that is your destination. Let all your tyres down a bit, 25 psi seems to work for most vehicles on the corrugations, just go easy on the rocky outcrops.