Wilson Inlet - Denmark

Hi All,

Heading down to Denmark at the end of the month and was wondering if it is worth towing the boat down to fish the Wilson Inlet? I've never fished the inlet before and I've read a few times on here about fish from the inlet having mushy flesh and tasting muddy. Is this most of the time or just on occasions?

If people don't think it is worth it, I will save the fuel and just stick to fishing the coast :)


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Wilson Inlet

Wed, 2020-05-13 14:32

My parents lived in Denmark for close on twenty years and I can assure you the KG fillets they brought up to the farm were bloody bonzer, Dad used to put in at Poddyshot and go up the inlet a bit over the other side in about 7 foot of water about where it starts to slope down, would eat the fish out of there any day.

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Wed, 2020-05-13 15:01

Thanks mate!! I'll take it down then :)

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Wilson Inlet

Wed, 2020-05-13 15:43

My father used to also catch snapper on a patch of reef as well but I can't remember what time of the year, I know that after winter rains they school up close to the entrance waiting for the inlet to be opened up to the ocean, also want to check the legel size of the snapper as I think it may be different to the West Coast. By the way for the KG's use mussels meat for bait, dad used to collect them and the whiting can't resist them.

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second that

Wed, 2020-05-13 21:15

 Exact what Blu said. was plenty of mussel around in shallow beds. take a metal rake to collect a few.