Who fished two rocks last weekend?

  Last Friday seemed like the day to go so many dhuies got caught.

We went out on Saturday out of Two rocks with another 100 boats!

Small Dhuie 52cm released hoping for a upgrade. 

Released 3 undersize pinkies.

Released a 48cm Baldie by accident should of netted it!

Released 1 black arse


Glad my mate told me to by a release weight lol



1 queen snapper

2 big black arse 

1 monster Harlequin 

1 big pinkie


How did you go?

This Friday looks good!


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Friday it was on

Wed, 2022-02-09 07:29

Me and a couple of mates fished 2 rocks on Friday and had an epic session out wide, ended up with a good bag but lost a couple of decent  fish to the taxman, weather was perfect and no lineup at the ramp at noon,I hear the bite was not as good on Saturday ,so glad we went on Friday.

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 Noting the Wild Touring hat

Wed, 2022-02-09 08:25

 Noting the Wild Touring hat - Quite enjoy the stuff that Cam produces. 

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At least you got a

Wed, 2022-02-09 17:50

At least you got a measurement of the baldie before releasing it...


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Thu, 2022-02-10 15:14

 Have got a photo still on how you rigged up that flying fish?

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