White Hills

Hi guys, was down White Hills beach this morning for a flick, and I gotta say, that beach is looking a lot worse for wear. Got down about 7am, not to many people on the beach, but there were cars parked on the entrance going in (just before it turns into the white road), and an hour or so later, half of Perth came streaming from the beach to exit. So many people camping in the dunes, and to make matters worse, half of them were speeding along the narrow passage, drifting sideways, saw one fuckhead in a Patrol doing donuts. Another car of late teens on green P in a beat up Forester was screaming along ripping up the track.

About mid-morning, the place where they were all camping, a RAC Ambulance Helicopter had to land on the beach, but no idea what happened. Took off an hour later.

The entrance to the beach is now so narrow there was a queue of about 20 cars going head to head as no one could move. Saw a couple of cars try and go down closer to the water to get round, and get bogged, slowing things down even more.

I reckon it wont be long till the place is closed off, as everyone is using that entrance to get down to Preston (or as close as they can if it is blocked).

On a brighter note, got a fair few Herring, Skippy, Wrasse (bastards), Banded Sweep, and a black Western Scallyfish.

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 Yep  saw a comment on

Sun, 2020-05-10 18:55

 Yep  saw a comment on Facebook that was pretty close to the mark . All young hoons now getting around in 4wds instead of the VY commos.

Seems if your off road rules dont apply.

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Just saw what the RAC helicopter was...

Sun, 2020-05-10 19:03

Seems someone rolled their car on the dunes. Guys in stable condition. So many hoons down there today.


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Sun, 2020-05-10 19:40

Hope they charge him for being in a restricted area in the dunes.

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 Super dooper high tide would

Mon, 2020-05-11 07:57

 Super dooper high tide would have made the beach nice and narrow. 

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Yes its very sad to see the damage

Mon, 2020-05-11 16:10

 done along that section of coast.

I have been travelling down to White Hills & Preston beach for over 20 years now and have noticed a lot of destruction along the Mandurah shire side.

Preston beach side is patroled by rangers/ local volunteers who have stopped almost 100% of dune damage.

Mandurah council need to start putting their foot down and hand out fines for anti social behaver and driving/cutting up the dunes.

If nothing changes a forced closer will happen sooner then most people expext.

This will then put more pressure on Wilbinga and other sections of coast line within 3 hours of Perth.


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