Walpole: Jetski Fishing Report.

 Back from a few days down at Walpole. Always great heading down there,love the place-so many fishing options. From the River Inlets then out thru the rivermouth to the ocean.

Not a lot of water around the "famous" Skippy Rock in this pic:



Didn't catch anything around the Rock-headed over to the Flats and caught some nice fat sand whiting.

You can forget about the crabs down there- tried a couple of days,even the locals reckon they are extinct.

Headed out to Saddle Island-conditions weren't the best with a strong South Easterly blowing. Trolled around the Island. Managed some nice skippy around the reefs off the Island.

Had a hot drive back- 40 degree's when we stopped at Donnybrook for the tradional fruit stop.

Just as well we stopped. Noticed one tyre going flat- great just what I needed. Found some shade and changed the wheel over. Couldn't find anything in the tyre,but what I did find was that the tyre valve stem had perished,splits all around the base of the valve. These have been on the trailer for several years,and I suppose in and out of the salt water and sun. So I have replaced both valve stems. Just a heads up, if you are towing on a long trip,with hot road conditions,maybe have a look at your valve stems.



 My Dad taught me how to Fish-Thanks Dad.(RIP)

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Get away

Sat, 2016-02-13 12:36

 Its great to get away and fish a different area ...... Perished valve stems thanks for the heads up as I must get a spare wheel for mine ..... 

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Been down Busselton

Sun, 2016-02-14 06:42

 Moking. No boat no dive gear no rod. Can't wait to get home. Hook up boat and go for dive. You should have gone for big gropper . Get a free tow.