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I'm heading down to Walpole this weekend, taking the tinnie and was planning to do some bream fishing up the Franklin and maybe target some bread and butter stuff around the mouth. Given the rain forcast through the week and now looks to increase on the weekend, am I wasting my time? Any info on how much that river runs after heavy rain and what section of the river/estury the fish generally move to would be much appreciated. If its going to be a waste of time i'll leave the boat at home.



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Forecast not flash for the weekend

Mon, 2020-08-10 18:29

Looks like its going to be blowing, if your committed to going and towing the tinny isnt a concern I'd take it, never know your luck with the weather.

Im not the expert on the area but I've done all right on whiting around the entrance to the Deep, caught snapper over at the mouth and gummys at night in the hole near the entrance to the Franklin. The inlet gets rough when the winds up, can always drop the boat in at Nornalup and find a spot out of the wind on the Franklin.  


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 Weather wise you can always

Wed, 2020-08-12 10:14

 Weather wise you can always find a spot somewhere in a river to fish out of the wind.

After a lot of rain Bream can hold up in the deeper sections.

They can be a bit slow going so give them time to run with the bait a little.

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Thu, 2020-08-13 08:34

 Cheers guys I'll give it a go