Visitor Catches some of WA's Finest Table Fare from In-Close

Have a good mate from over east (well he is a Seppo that moved here so it is really a long way east) visiting at the moment.  He is another one that gets my photos on a regular basis so was keen for me to take him out and show him the wonderful WA waters.  With the weather being good today we headed out from Hillarys around 5.15am – still a little late for the pinkies and I am cursing my laziness.  Even at that time the ramp action was really starting to hot up.

Off to familiar ground, “secret burley – well not that secret you just need the gear and time to make it”, “secret rigs” and “secret baits” and we had a very nice little session.  Conditions were good excepting when the NE came up against the SW swell so we has the sea in competition with the swell – quite lumpy.  5 nice big King George, a couple of Blackass (including one over a kg) and lots of “undesirables” to keep us entertained.  It’s nice when a visitor gets a lot of fish.

Pulled the pots before the SW wind came up and although we are still getting lots of berried females, we did get a couple of keepers.  The photo of my mate with 2kg+ cray (tar spot that went straight back) is a classic.  We could bait the pots up again with all the undesirables captured over the morning.

Got back to the ramp and it was bedlam again.  As opposed to Saturday morning, everyone there seemed very capable and although there was a massive queue we cleared in less than half an hour.  This was even with Sea Rescue bringing in a boat through it all.  I am not sure what the difference between today and Saturday was?

KG, Breaksea and crays – it doesn’t get much better than that.  They are the top of the better half’s “go and get them” list, and my mate and his wife get to sample some of the best that WA can deliver.  All this from in close as well – got to love Perth Metro near shore.



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 Top day!  We managed one

Tue, 2014-12-30 19:00

 Top day!  We managed one baldie and an occy and probably motored 5 times as far!


Fish! HARD!

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nice one Mick C

Tue, 2014-12-30 20:39

nice one Mick C.  Absolutely, that is going to be one fine meal.

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well done on the nice feed

Wed, 2014-12-31 05:32

well done on the nice feed there mick ,they would have been stoked with that mate