VHF handheld marine radio

Thinking about getting a handheld VHF for emergency backup... Just wondering if anyone out there uses one and how their reception is?





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Icom Handheld

Wed, 2008-03-19 06:43

I have a submersible ICOM handheld as a back-up for my Simrad fixed base unit.

I take it on whatever boat I fish/travel on, because its small in size, lightweight and powerful, and i never know when I might require it? 

I can get very good reception 6-7nm from a shore based station and about the same from other boats who may be out beyond me.

The battery is superb and holds its charge seemingly forever.

When in use I just loop the hand sling over the centre-rigger holder on my tee-top, there its out of the way from the action and 'catches' any calls withing its range.