Updated to Lighthouse 3

hey fellas, I recently had lighthouse 2 software on my ES128/98 and updated to lighthouse 3 yesterday. im out blue marlin fishin for the next few days so just wondering if you got any tips for settings and the likes? When I used the lighthouse 2 I use to have it displayed on zoom and just look at the top 80m of water but I seem to cant find that option when scrolling through the menus?

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This should fix it

Sun, 2018-12-02 10:39

 Quote "I have found a way to trick the Axiom pro sounder into zooming into a preset range. I did it by acident the other day. Zoom in to the level you require with the toggle set to auto range on, then change the toggle to autorange off. The rotary knob will then work to set range and it holds the zoom level previously set. It's very clunky but it stops the unit hunting depth range which I can be annoying when it's on the edge of an auto change depth.."Unquote"


This is a quote from a post by Gruntre69, after I complained that zoom only worked on Auto.