Trailcraft for sale 595 center console.

 fellow fishos, 

i havnt been on here for a while.

im in the mix of off loading my beloved trailcraft, that i have had for 8 odd years.

i dont really know what source of advetizing is the best to sell a boat ? 

but hear is a brief description, 

ive spent a lot of money on it customizing it over the years. and it has always been looked after. 

595 center cab

hull is 2005. with 2 x 60 HP merch 4 stroke EFI that dont miss a beat. 

same year trailer that has had all new breaks bearings etc..

the boat itself , there is too much to list . comes with everyhting you need.  

fully set up for fishing and crayfishing capstan and tipper , also massive fuel tank that can get you any where -  fads and beyond.

great river boat too. or up north EXY easy reach  murion islands for the day fishing and beyond from exmouth marina or across the gulf and back. this thing doesnt runout out of fuel.

this is a great fishing boat but my young family is getting a bit older and they are ready to hit the ocean. Im in the need of something a bit more comforting for the 2 x young girls and my wife, oh yer and something i can still fish off 

my boat is going up for sale and i dont believe there is too many of these around . appreciate your comments on what you think it is worth, or if there is any interested buyers on here happy to make an offer ? 

im northern suburbs and for a genuiene interest im happy for you to come and have a look.  please contact me 0414958537. id rather a call or a text than a message on here as i dont check this site very oftnen . please leave a voice message also if i dont answer, as i dont return calls from missed call numbers with no voice messages sorry.

thanks heaps any advise or comments ill take on board  cheers Steve.  




Reel men smoke shimano's

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Selling boat ?

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Reel men smoke shimano's