today at covs

Today dad got the day off work so decided to head out to coventrys because it looked good. First of all went about 2k past it and first drop ended up being a 60cm leapord shark which was different. Then a few small blackass and gurnards so deceided to go to the reef to chase some salmon. Threw mulies and lures around for a while and nothing so chucked a little 14g searock for some herring got plenty of them then had 3 yellowtail kings all about 80cm long chase the little searock. Had 3 hookups but they kept spitting the hooks and i only had 8lb braid on a penn applause 4000 with a berkly dropshot 7ft IM6. Then after about an hour of herring i hooked another which was acting very weird darting side to side on the surface i then seen a huge swirl behind the herring and all of a sudden a samson fish or amberjack of at least 2 metres long launched out of the water and hammered the herring and snapped me instantly. I threw a livie out on a float to see if he was still around but nothing for the next hour so decided to pack it in. I have never seen sambos or amberjack do this before just wondering if anyone else has or if anyone else has caught very large sambo/ambos at coventrys?

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mate got a record on 10 kilo there

Mon, 2008-04-28 22:03

Steve Davey got a huge one out there about 10 years ago - was over 30 as i remember - he may have got disqualified becuase of leader length or something actually - twas a while back and records arent my bag - i know he applied for it though - forget the outcome...big fish from shallow water but..

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We had the same experiance a

Mon, 2008-04-28 22:21

We had the same experiance a few years ago while getting some herring for my mates pop. We where scull dragging herring along the surface, when two sambos started tailing the herring backs out of the water going nuts. The first hook up ended in a few seconds, the second hook up ended 15 minutes later and about a km from the reef. 23kg and 1.3 meters long of angry sambo, the weapon lure was a 10gm halco twisty.

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Posted for Corza

Tue, 2008-04-29 09:34

Mate this was in 5m of water,just out of Hillary's, 37cm tailor, swallowed complete 3 times, and spat it when I put some pull on him


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Tue, 2008-04-29 09:35

Watch this video of Pet Sambo's at the Abrolhos

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hmm well might have to hit

Tue, 2008-04-29 20:59

hmm well might have to hit it this saturday and burley hard a throw a few big poppers around and chuck a livie out im pretty sure this fish was around the 50kg mark because ive caught 30kg sambos before and this looked alot bigger

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i was fishing with a small

Wed, 2008-04-30 10:15

i was fishing with a small poper down in denmark for herring and salmon when out of no where a sambo nailed it and snapped me off in no time lol it was great to see.