Tackle failure


In my last 2 trips out wide, I've lost / dropped 4 good sized fish.

1 failed at the crimp, 1 was a broken swivel, 1 a hook break off at the knot and 1 came off close to the boat when I had to stop due to a tangle with another guy on the boat

Questions are

1 - broken swivel was a 1/0 - 1 which I believe is rated at 200 plus lbs and 160 lbs on the smaller side. Is this big enough. I have upsized to 2/0 - 1/0 swivels for the next trip out.

2 - is there a definitive table as to the best size crimp for a given line size. I always used to try get as close to the line size as possible, but I now believe that the crimp might cut into the line if too small

3 - Use a nail knot at the swivel and snells at the hooks

I've been using black magic leader, but will try a korean brand next. Has a smaller diameter than black magic so can use heavier line.



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 Ericl,I stopped using that

Fri, 2021-08-20 17:02


I stopped using that type of swivel several years ago after having a couple fail exactly as yours has.

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 What pound line and what

Fri, 2021-08-20 17:07

 What pound line and what type of crimp are you using?

Uni Knot for anything up to 150lb for me. Crimp over that. Never crimp right to the edge for mono.

Any swivel can break, gonna get a shit one here and there. May as well go a bit bigger for a three way crane while bottom bashing, the fish wont care. 2/0x1/0 is normally good.

Black Magic Supple is absolute rubbish, the tough ive never had a drama with.

Small diameter for a general mono leader used for bottom fishing is pointless IMO. Using a thinner 80lb compared to a thicker 60lb for example. They are both probably going to break at the same lb rating at the end of the day but the thicker line has more abrasion resistance. 70lb Schneider is the same thickness as a lot of 80-100lb but is fairly hard and also good abrasion resistance for example. 

Theres a lot of bullshit out there, Its all personal preference and using stuff to work out what works for you.

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I prefer brass double

Fri, 2021-08-20 17:46

I prefer brass double crimps,  The Ali ones can cut your line if it's crimped to hard. I've had good results with 2/0x1/0 shogun swivels.. Your main line strength will determine your rig strength, you almost want to aim at double.  Pe6 I'd use 100lb, pe4 /80lb pe2/3 60lb

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 Crimp should be snug when

Fri, 2021-08-20 17:48

 Crimp should be snug when line is looped through and never crimp the ends of crimp just the middle, leave 3mm of line past the crimp . Use alloy crimps on mono. Jinkai for mono you can keep your black magic shit. Was the hook that broke an owner?

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Are you crimping the edges

Fri, 2021-08-20 18:18

Are you crimping the edges over or in the centre only?

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 Back the drag off a bit

Fri, 2021-08-20 20:16

 Back the drag off a bit

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Never had a swivel

Sat, 2021-08-21 07:27

On swivel break . Not using cheap version of shogun ?

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 bloody hell hate it when

Sat, 2021-08-21 11:32

 bloody hell hate it when hardw3are goes - reckon u onto a bad batch - bin that bag - $7 aint worth a good fish

try this as a starter on crimping



theres some info of common mistakes

it is possible to "crack/cut" the line inside of the crimp

best way to crimp is the commercial bolt cutters style ones  but they dont make crimping dies under about 80lb

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Will be using new gear

Sat, 2021-08-21 14:06

Thanks for the replies.
I crimp as much in the middle as possible. Using Mini Alloy crimps. Cant get long ones in the 80lb size. I am carefull to leave a bit at either end. Bought some new gear from Diamond Networks in Kardinya. He agrees that Black Magic is not good. I have bought a spool Sejong 100lb mono (Korean). Much the same size diameter as black magic 80 so will be using that next up. Also bought the 2/0 - 1/0 from him. Says they are also Korean not Shogun. Says Shogun made in China ??
Re Drag setting, I always make sure that I can just pull a bit of line when I fish. Fish that broke the swivel was already at least 5 metres off the bottom. Main line strength is 40lb and 50lb Braid. Leader has been 80lb tied on with a PR Bobbin. Dont remember having had any PR knots fail
LJ, not sure of the brand, but will not be using those again. Any gear I dont know origin will be going in the bin. Hate to have another 2 days like those again. I have heaps of Shogun 1/0 - 1 but not all that confident. What size do you use


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Biggest I can

Sat, 2021-08-21 17:49

Only shogun. I think of memory 280 lb ones ( about inch long) only use them 3 to 4 trips and replace them. Buy them by the hundred. Heaps cheaper

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Sat, 2021-08-21 19:00

 Tiagra 120lb.  Won't let you down.


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 I've had bad luck with the

Mon, 2021-08-23 16:46

 I've had bad luck with the Black Magic stuff, threw out my two spools in disgust after another knot failed when testing (I load test all my gear in the shed before trying it on a fish)

Pretty much any mono is better than that stuff.


A good test for abrasion resistance is to clamp some mono in the bench vice, suspend a 10 kg weight from the end, then scrape it with some 60 grit sandpaper until it breaks.  Repeat a few times, recording how many scrapes it takes, then do it again with all your different brands of line.  You might be surprised at which preconceptions don't stand up to this test.

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 I don't like crimped. Have

Mon, 2021-08-23 17:45

 I don't like crimped. Have seen too many fish lost . If I lose a fish due to my knot failing it's my fault not a fault due to a crimp . Maybe on real heavy line they are good but not what I use


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