a few months ago i had a garmin striker sounder and echo map installed


they both worked perfect

my boat has sat around for around 5 months due to work and weather and i recently jumped on it to start the motor (nio issues)

and the electrics

the strike when plugged in says transducer connection lost?

i did google it and theyve saud basically to run through the connections which i have

has anyone else had this problem?


cheers guys


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 Yes but on the echo map 95vs

Fri, 2020-09-25 05:24

 Yes but on the echo map 95vs or whatever its called. With mine there is a orange plug that is about 45cm away from the head unit that comes loose and causes the transducer to drop out. I've also had the 3 leads that plug into the head unit bracket slide backwards within the bracket and lose connection at times.. Usually all caused by myself dumping a bag on top of wires and pulling them a bit tight.. The orange one is the worst as there is no locking ring to the join and it just flaps around not within close proximity to the head unit but connected to transducer.