Off to shark bay

My tour is almost up ,been onsite for 6 weeks so it's almost time to come home . Talking to the misses and got a 5 day leave pass so I'm packing up the ski and swag heading to shark bay . 

I have booked into tents landing at Tamala station on the 11th June  for the duration but I'm going to do a lot of touring of the area .

l hope the weather is going to be kind to me and the fishing is primo .Will report when I get back with photos and video .

Has anyone got a good recipe for rabbit as I want to test out my camp oven that I got for my birthday ??????



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 If you're on FB check out

Wed, 2016-05-25 18:00

 If you're on FB check out cast iron boys - camp oven cooking


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 I reckon you could

Wed, 2016-05-25 18:02

 I reckon you could substitute any good chicken recipe as the flesh is similar in texture.


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 Not sure what, if any

Wed, 2016-05-25 18:39

 Not sure what, if any experience you may have with camp oven cooking, but make sure you cure it properly first!  Also, dont put the oven straight into the coals in the fire, shovel some coals out, sit the oven on top of them and then shovel some more onto the top of the oven.  There is a ratio as to how much you have on the bottom and how much on the top depending on what you're cooking.


Also remember that you can turn the lid over and use it as a hot plate / pan.


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Roast Rabbit !

Wed, 2016-05-25 23:00

Make a seasoning from bread crumbs, 1 - 2 teaspoons mixed herbs (dried variety from the supermarket) and a finely choped onion, add water until you have the right consistency.

Stuff your bunny with the seasoning, use a metal skewer to stitch the gut cavity shut, then wrap the bunny in rashers of bacon, you can use skewers to keep the rashers in place if needed.

Roast in the camp oven along with your choice of veges , comes out a treat. Cooking time can vary quite a bit so keep an eye on it, but usually about an hour and a half.

The rabbit will look pink where the bacon touches, so don't overcook thinking it is still raw.

Let us know how it goes but I reckon you'll love it !


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Camp oven

Thu, 2016-05-26 04:44

yep I have had a lot of experience with them and I will make sure it's seasoned well before using it ..... 

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Thu, 2016-05-26 05:24



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Almost typed out ol family

Thu, 2016-05-26 19:47

Almost typed out ol family recipe  .... nearly got me.... love rabbit...