Rod recommendations for Stella 8000HG

Hey guys, I'm quite new to fishing and would like to get some rod recommendations. The missus bought me the Stella 8000HG spooled with the new shimano Ocea 8 PE3 for my birthday and was wondering what rod I should pair it up with. I usually do bottom bashing near Mindarie and have a budget of 300-500 for the rod.

There was a similar post to this that I discovered on the forum but it was dated 2013 so was wondering if there are any new rod recommendations. Cheers!


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rod recommendations for a stella 8000HG

Wed, 2020-07-01 01:29

 Hi Gambino, personally, I would take the reel to cash converters, make sure it fits a rod, that you like, anything from 15 to 24 Kg, if there asking $50 for it you can generally barter with them, to get the price down a bit, Now if you have a new reel, it possibly has a alloy fraim & Stailess steel screws, you get a chemical reation from them two metals, so take one screw out at a time, dip it in marine grease then screw it back in, I say that as some screws can be different sizes, that way you dont get them mixed up, Yamaha marine grease never drys out & goe hard like some greases, I would never buy a new rod. good luck cheers Don.

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 I'm really not sure that a

Wed, 2020-07-01 11:05

 I'm really not sure that a $50 second hand rod is what the OP wants to pair up with his $1000 reel that's a gift from his wife. I also wouldn't recommend that he pulls said reel apart 

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 There are plenty of nice

Wed, 2020-07-01 11:02

 There are plenty of nice rods in that range. Oceans legacy jumps to mind if you like a softer rod and might try jigging.shiman have a. Great selection too. Drop into any tackle shop close to you and ha e a chat (no need to buy straight away) but they will grab a reel off the shelf and match it up to what suits you. 

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Shimano Grappler

Wed, 2020-07-01 12:07

Im running my stella 8k PG on a shimano grappler PE5 Jig, and its a pleasure to use offshore jigging, bottom bouncing etc etc Cant believe how much stopping power the combo has. Have used it in local waters around perth to offshore shark bay and have never felt under-equipped.

As Feral recommended, swing by a good tackle shop and have a yarn with the staff. they'll point you in the right direction.
P.S bring your reel in with you and see how its feels paired up with the different rods you check out.

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Wilson Venom Deep Jig PE 2-5

Wed, 2020-07-01 12:18

Wilson Venom Deep Jig PE 2-5 are an awesome rod and Aussie made.

Available in spin or O/H and retail for $549.

If you shop around you can pick one up for under $500

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 Being a HG it is high gear, 

Wed, 2020-07-01 12:25

 Being a HG it is high gear,  it will be hard work hauling up sinkers from the depth. Not that it canno be done but it will be hardwork.

High gear reels are more suitable for throwing poppers, stickbait and other metal slices where speed is needed.

Therefore, it would be more appropriate to look for rods to that effect.

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In my opinion

Wed, 2020-07-01 21:09

 Saltiga costal rods are the way to go.  best bang for buck in an off the shelf rod (sic titanium guides) and me and another mate have had them bent at ridiculous angles on reds, rankings, sharks, and everything else, with Stella 8k reels attached. I'd buy another in a heartbeat. My first one cost me $750, their currently on special for about $450 if you shop around