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 Hey all

Been a while since Ive posted, and even though the site seems to be having a lot less traffic lately, thought Id ask the question...


Im looking for a couple of PE5 boat rods. A stickbait/ medium popper and a (preferrably) slow jig model. Will be on a 5000 Saltiga so after decent quality, hopefully in the $300-500 range for each


Struggling to find something perfect in both rods, have looked at the usuals (Daiwa Spartans, Oceans legacy, NS etc) but struggling to find things that might be perfect. the jig rod will be used for both baits and jigs (usually 100-200gm range) in the 60-90m depth range- most of them are broomsticks that impart little action on the jigs and are only good for baits in reality...


Ideally, the jog stick is around 6 feet long, and the lure rod around 7. 


any advice would be GREATLY appreciated





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 ASWB Elsea are a nice

Fri, 2023-03-24 21:23

 ASWB Elsea are a nice casting rod in the $500's... Good quality components.


For jig can't go wrong with the Spartans / Daiwa In general (saltist/demon blood). if you can find extra coin more options open up. I tried ocean legacy and whilst the blanks / action were lovely was not a fan of the quality of components.



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i recently bught a demon

Sat, 2023-03-25 08:50

i recently bught a demon bloodas a casting rod/lure, and paired with a 5000 seragosa.

friggin amazing rod. cast brilliant. think i got the 8ft model. paired it with the seragosa as they seem abletto takea lot of knocks etc.

have 2 demon bloodsin my setup now and would have to say they are probably my favourite.  the bottom rod has taken some heavy punishment form decent sharks etc and handled it with ease.


hve an oceans legacy slow pitch jig, pe 3. nice rods for the price. goes nice with a 5000 stradic


this is the demon blood casting rod i went.

8'3, 2-4. casting 20-70gm



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also, if imnot mistaken,

Sat, 2023-03-25 09:05

also, if imnot mistaken, pretty ure blue waer tackle having a sale this weekend. fomr what iunderstand, 20-40% off. got my casting rod thorugh them in joondalup, and was betetr price than anywhere else i looked.

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 Don't think you can get hold

Sun, 2023-03-26 11:46


Don't think you can get hold of them easilty anymore, however I use 3 Jignesis x-fighting. 2 in PE 1.5-3 and 1 PE 2-4. All with 5000 Stradics. 

Nice weight/balance and the 2-4 has heaps of grunt. 1.5-3 can be outgunned fishing up north when applying heat.. 


PE 2-4 18kg would be my pick for up to 90m




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 Options for the stickbait

Tue, 2023-03-28 20:13

 Options for the stickbait rod -

The PE5 ASWB Indian Pacfiic Elsea (i Have a PE3 and its a fantastic rod for spaniards and big dollies).

You may pick up a 2nd hand Saltiga 81/5 though quite long over 8ft

Yamaga 75/4 - beautiful rod, though I havent had the chance to use it as trips up north are too challenging with the age of my youngsters. 

For the bottom stick - try an ocean legacy deep element or elementus, shimano Game Type J PE5 (very fast taper), theres quite a few Jigging Masters making their way on to Marketplace look for something in the 3-6 range (though theyre a very parabolic action), as others above mentione the jignesis are great Southside Boat and Tackle used to stock them

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Cheaper option is T curve

Fri, 2023-03-31 09:57

 Shimano T curve 200gm deep jig. 

Nice and light handles 8 foot sharks out off 100m of water. Love mine.


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 cheers all. Ended up with

Fri, 2023-03-31 16:58

 cheers all. Ended up with the spartan slow jig 62-5 for the jigger and the Elsea PE5 for the stickbait rod. Got them today. The Spartan is crazily thin and light for its rating. Will be giving that its first work out tomorrow