hey guys, just a quick question, i need to pull the carpet up on my boat, it is stuck to the original fibreglass deck, any ideas on how i go about this please.

Do i need a heat gun to soften the glue first & then just  "pull" like a mad man ?


thanks in advance



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Mon, 2020-06-29 10:54

 Hi, recently did this myself. Started with a heat gun but it was slow, so ended up just boiling the kettle a few times. Poured the hot water over a patch of carpet I was working on,  gave it a few minutes to soften the glue then went to work with a metal paint scraper while pulling the carpet edge back. Got maybe one square metre of carpet up per kettle full. Most of the glue came off, but still a few very small bits of glue with a few carpet fibres  in it left, which had to get a little  further attention later.

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Mon, 2020-06-29 11:43

 thanks cobber, sounds like a helf decent idea, definately gets a lot more heat over a larger area at one time.




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 Grab a corner and start

Mon, 2020-06-29 12:40

 Grab a corner and start pulling. Should take much effort. 

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remove carpet

Mon, 2020-06-29 14:44


  Just did mine just pull it up then get a plane blade and take of the old glue . Easy. 


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Pull first but heat if no go

Mon, 2020-06-29 16:06

 As said above, give a direct pull a try first. Mine had be stuck down for 10 years and was impossible to pull without the carpet ripping into handfuls and no big sheets coming off. In that situaiotn some heat made a big difference and the boiled kettle did the trick 

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I used this

Tue, 2020-06-30 07:55