Pots in the Lead Line

Decided to start trying OR ($11 per day WTF) and steaming back in on the south lead line I came close to two pots with dark orange floats and then another one another half a click further along.

Can/should I report these as a navigational hazard as they were literally sitting on the line?


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Thu, 2020-06-04 10:25

Yep. I would. They are a hazard. 


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Happens all the time in Lano,

Thu, 2020-06-04 13:34

Happens all the time in Lano, even right in the middle of the passages. Often with an extra 15 meters of rope floating. 

They generaly dont last too long someone will run them over and cut them off. 



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 Some plonker had dropped

Thu, 2020-06-04 13:46

 Some plonker had dropped some directly outside the Two Rocks marina which we nearly ran into early one morning. Hopefully they got mowed down.


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Weve found two rocks bad for that as well

Thu, 2020-06-04 13:59

have had to dodge many and have run into two over the last couple of years, couldn't see them as it was after sunset and they had lots of spare rope ouyt, felt good cutting them off