Pot thieves

Good to see someone getting busted for pulling other peoples pots - some guy got a $13,000 fine for pulling 7 pots at Rottnest last January (slow process it seems)- Page 8 Sat West Aust. Should've lost his boat as well cause blokes like him just stuff up everyone elses day.

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Great to see scum of the

Sat, 2006-12-30 14:51

Great to see scum of the earth they are a mate of mine caught someone pulling his pots lets just say the court system was not needed CHEERS SHAG


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Only a good thing Frank. I

Sat, 2006-12-30 21:15

Only a good thing Frank.

I also read that some of the turds not doing the right thing in the Sound last week got pinged as well....more than the allowed one fish over 70cm.
Considering all the fish I heard about were well over 70cm, most people should have only gone home with one fish each....

I had a dumb arse I just met (after finding out I enjoyed fishing)brag to me tonight how they got 6 big fish that Monday morning only to return that night for another 4. Got both barrels from me!!
What the hell are these DH's going to do with all that fish anyway???? Freeze it???Yeh right...big stinking pink spawners...bet it all ends up in the bin...pricks!

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Sat, 2006-12-30 21:39

Yeah there's some real heroes around, especially in their own lunch box.

Almost embarassed to be a recreational fisher sometimes. It's amazing the greed of some of these pricks.

Good onya for speaking up Salmo, hopefully the dumb arse might think twice about it next time he's in that situation.



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