No fishing at Gage Roads??

I took the boat out for the first time in months yesterday, more so just to check it still works! Me and a mate were pissing around off Gage Roads/Freo, around the cargo ship anchoring berths, chasing whiting. we got a couple of tidlers, but half way through our little session a big Pilot boat came charging towards us, and when he was just about on top of us said "you cant anchor in Gage Roads", to which I replied "I'm not anchored, we're drifting". He then said to us "you cant fish here either, you need to leave this area".


I kinda took his word for it, upped lines and moved a few k's away. I've researched the hell out of it today, and cant find anything, anywhere, about not being able to fish at Gage Roads. the only thing I can find about it is on Navionics, where it states there's "ANCHORING PROHIBITED AREAS" inside the Berthing areas and shipping channels, which I have no problem with. 


can anyone confirm if this is a no-no? or is it just the Port Authority being assholes? 

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Pilot is Full of crap.You're

Mon, 2021-09-13 12:05

Pilot is Full of crap.

You're not allowed to anchor in the channel or tie up to a channel marker. Did they plonk a ship where you were fishing? 


Many years ago, we were winning a yacht race around the area by around ~ 20 minutes after a flukey day wind wise. As we crossed the finish line, that had been placed between the finish boat and one of the northern channel markers (off Cott), the wind died and we headed back to freo under motor quite happy with ourselves . Got back into the pen before anyone got close to the line (well over an hour later) only to hear that the port authority had told the finish boat to move away from the channel (they were anchored) and they had to subsuquently abandon the race. We stood to win the whole sheep station but ended up with nothing to show for a very trying day. 



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 they just lost the pilot

Mon, 2021-09-13 16:18

 they just lost the pilot contract to Svitzer is the rumour

might be a bit salty

no anchoring zones- but never had an issue fishing there

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 Its not the pilots, just the

Wed, 2021-09-15 20:45

 Its not the pilots, just the so called Masters, who are Freo Ports employees and should know not to be tossers. Complain to the Port, that will calm them down. They are also regularly in strife with Dept of Transport for breaking the speed limit in their own Port! Too funny.


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