New Centre Consoles

Southside Boating and Fishing is now introducing boats to our store! 

Next out is the tough as tack little 14”6’ boat with the heart of a warrior. This little Deep Vee monohull is the answer to sore arms and dodgy backs as it is easily launched and retrieved by one person.

The boat:

Has five sealed foam-filled GRP bulkheads under the floor means the boat meets the upcoming buoyancy regulations with no chance of hidden wood rot.

No need for bilge pumps.

Has an elevated rear sloping deck with twin scuppers which means any wind-driven splash simply drain out.

Is spacious for its size; it has a generous anchor hatch up front, space for 100L of fuel in the fuel hatch, a dry hatch below the steering and a huge hatch under the seat.

Is equipped with a stainless steel bow rail with three grab rails, which adds to the safety.

Is equipped with a splash well that keeps the boat dry at the rear even when reversing slowly.

Is fitted with a Perspex windscreen, stainless steel bow and stern eyes, anchor bollard and roller, moulded drinks holders and under gunnel-mounted rod holders, and a non-slip, easy to clean deck.

Can be powered by a 40hp up to a 75hp four-stroke.

Is super economical even when towing a skier or trolling lures due to its low weight, 300kg.

Fits in a standard garage.

Is the perfect two-man fishing, prawning, squidding or crabbing boat for rivers and sheltered water. You can cruise the canals and rivers in style (and be the envy of your neighbours).

Perched on an unbraked, licensed heavy-duty galvanized trailer that complies with 2020 DOT RULES, this boat both looks and rides great!

You can own a standard Raider and trailer for under 22K (without the tee top). 100% build in South africa

But we only have a limited number of these boats on promotion so contact us today so you don't miss out!

Call Southside Boating and Fishing at (08) 6507 8915 or send us a message to book an appointment to view.


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Sat, 2020-03-21 13:36

 Is it alumiunm or fibreglass, obvioulsy from China, what is it a copy of?


Motors avaialable?

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Sat, 2020-03-21 14:12



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Sat, 2020-03-21 14:05

 Good day spothound. These are fiberglass and no they are not made in China they are 100% made in South Africa as we inspect and grade each boat while in the mold and out the mold personaly as the owners fly to south africa to inspect each batch of boats as well as personally load each boat into the containers to be loaded onto the ship to come to Australia from South Africa Durban harbour.

No they are not a copy of any other boat. They are the original raider that have been re engineered to meet Australian standards. So no they are no a copy and no they are not from China.  Please read the post correctly. Yes motors are available.


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New Centre Consoles

Sat, 2020-03-21 19:27

Spothound needs to put glasses on....

or change his !

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 Great looking little boat. I

Sun, 2020-03-22 09:18

 Great looking little boat. I thought it was a Glasscraft when I saw the hull. 



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Nicw rig

Sun, 2020-03-22 10:40

This is a nice rig, more practical for the majority of us. Are there any Aus boatbuilders left doing boats like this?  


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 Good day peterm8We are the

Mon, 2020-03-23 08:44

 Good day peterm8

We are the only retailer and distributor for these boats as they are a South African designed and manufacturer boat.

We are not sure if there are any builders doing them in austrlia as the mods for these boats are in South Africa. 

Yes these boats are very practical but also affordable for any one to own plus the quality for the price will be very hard to match if made locally.


A small store with a big heart.