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 Just want some advice and reports of any one who has an axiom. Im looking at getting one later this week. I mainly fish for snapper, kingfish in 5 meters to 40 meters and its going on a 5 meter aluminium boat that i also chace gamefishn in Exmouth about 3 weeks a year. Any tips, comments would be appreciaited. 

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Two options

Sun, 2018-10-14 09:12

 Axiom and Axiom pro. I am very happy with my 2 so far. Due to size issues with the dash on my new boat, I had the following options. 

  • two 9" Axioms
  • 12" Axiom or pro
  • 9" Pro and 7" Axiom

the Pro is pricier, but you get a lot more for the money. 1kw built-in, for a start, vs the 600w Axiom. You also get the Hybrid Touch configuration, which means you have a strip of configurable controls down the side, as well as touch. This actually means a lot, as pure touch can be a bit of an issue in a bouncing boat with wet fingers. You alos get dual slots up front, where the single slot on the Axiom is at the rear, a ral issue if you intend to flush mount and can't easily get at the back. The screen resolution is definitely better on the pro, as well.


I'm running two transducers--the RV-100 side scan/downscan/3D one supplied, as well as a 1KW B175M in hull. I haven't really put the time in with the RV-100, due to issues with mounting it--kept getting pushed around out of alignment when we were beach boarding. I'm off to Exmouth for a week soon, and should have a better idea of it's capabilities after that, both on bait balls inside the gulf, and out westside out wide chasing billfish.

The 600w power of the Axiom would be more than adequate for the sort of depths you are talking about. I've seen pics of really clear sidescan on these out to 70 meters.

These are links to other threads, if you haven't seen it, showing some screenshots. These are all with the B175M and 1kw Pro. I tend to use the 7" as an engine dashboard on the way out, and the 9" as my plotter, then go 7" plotter and 9" fishfinder

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 I have 9" Axiom Pro so I'll

Sun, 2018-10-14 10:54

 I have 9" Axiom Pro so I'll give you some of my thoughts.

I had Simrad before this and even after a limited year of use, I find I'm still not fully used to the RM but can operate it pretty well. On that basis I will give the system intuitive edge to Simrad.

I'm reasonably happy with it. It mostly functions very well but I've had problems with the GPS losing signal. I had the unit exchanged and the new unit continued to have the same problems but not as often. Fortunately my dealer looked after me and supplied me with a Point 1 antenna for my network. This is very good and maintains boat heading even when not moving for all plotters. (The Axiom is on top of my dash under the screen where other units have had no problems holding satellites)

As for the sounder. It is OK but not outstanding and I'm hoping it will improve with updates, however RM seem to be more focused on gadgets and additional other multi functions. I'd love to see the rotary knob programmable so that I could choose to have it set to control gain as well as separate control of the zoom level and depth focus area rather than one or the other.

If you see 3D as a benefit and influencing purchasing decision factor as I did, you should rethink because the 3D is not that good and I find it of no use after trailing for a year.

I think the RM offering is probably on par with the competition and the Pro version which offers a good bright hybrid touch screen and a completely separate 1 KW sonar channel is good value. There are some issues I don't like with Axiom with where engine data can be displayed only on a realestate hungry dashboard screen. This is a real disadvantage if you are only running one smallish screen and want some engine data such as RPM or trim at all times. I know that simrad for one has the ability to put any data available on the network in the data panel which only takes a small section along the top or side of the screen.

An example of single screen operation I would want is: While travelling I want sonar, plotter and engine RPM and trim setting. To get this on a 9" you would need to run the plotter and sonar on a 1/4 size screen to enable a dashboard screen to be used.

The other thing I don't like is that RM seem to have entered into a commercial agreement with Navionics which try to force you to maintain a subscription to enable full features of the plotter. I have a card that came with the Axiom with a one year validity. I also have a platinum card that is no longer updated. When I put the platinum card in the Axiom it seems to display it dimmed and differently, however both cards work normally in the Simrad plotter I'm using.

Would I buy the Axiom Pro 9 again knowing what I know now. Probably not. Only because I have the Simrad 7" display and the RM cannot send waypoints to it via the network. If I bought again now I would by the Simrad Evo 3 and do away with the 3D and sidescan and just run the single Airmar 265 dual channel chirp. I personally think that the Simrad is the best offering in the 9" single screen if sidescan and 3D is not important to you. To other option would be a single Axiom Pro in 12" size... This would be a very good option...



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thank you

Sun, 2018-10-14 16:05

 thank you for the good feed back 

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thank you

Sun, 2018-10-14 16:05

 thank you for the good feed back