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 Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a Lowrance Hook2 7 Triple Shot Combo fish finder.  I noticed that the MEASURE DISTANCE function does not work even after following the manual carefully.  After navigating to the MORE OPTIONS MENU the Measure distance SUB MENU is not visible.  I have phoned Lowrance  on a number of occasions and it has them stumped as well.  Still has not been resolved even after a software upgrade.  I had a look ate the later Hook Reveal models in my local BCF and they appear to have the same issue,  Is this for real?  Are they selling their sounders now without a distance measuring tool on all of their Hook series sounders?  Crazy.  There has to be an explanation.  Has anyone confronted this problem before and if so do you have a solution?


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Just wondering , are you

Wed, 2020-06-17 15:51

Just wondering , are you clicking on measure then are you pressing enter at the area you want to measure from then moving the cursor to the position you want to measure to?

I assume you are but just wanted to check

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Wed, 2020-06-17 17:31

 Pretty hard to get it wrong reading from the manual.  Even the Lowrance support tech's can't manage to do it.  If someone has an answer pls let me know.  Something weird going on here.  Maybe a major software issue but you would think they would have it sorted by now.  Does it on the Hook Reveal models I have sampled as well. HELP!!  They suggested creating the first leg of a Route but it is clunky and not how it should be done.  Not going to wear that.