anyone have a fishing report on karratha? i might be going up march next year
and i dont know what to expect!
whats shore fishing like?
boats fishing?
do you need to go far offshore to get quality fish?
game fishing?




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Shore fishing around that

Tue, 2006-12-12 17:29

Shore fishing around that time will be good. It will still be hot, and the barra are usually still around at that time. If it cools down earlier than expected and the barra go off the bite, you should definately have no problem tangling with Jacks at that time. Do you have a boat? If so, I would suggest using it even if you're planning on fishing the creeks as although you can fish them land based you have a lot more freedom in a boat.
Offshore you need to head out a fair way to catch Reds due to it's proximity to the shelf (most guys are going out 30 miles +) but inshore you can still get reasonable mackies, trout and northwest snapper.
Will be bit early for sailfish, I wouldn't really bother targeting them at that time.

PM me when you're up, maybe we can go for a fish.

Any more questions or if I've failed to cover something (I'm a bit busy at the moment so my post was rushed) fire away :)


Jay Burgess

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Tue, 2006-12-12 19:42

That was a rushed post??? Geez Jay how fast do you type. Forgot to put the exact weather conditions in for that time ;) and exact locations the fish will be biting;)

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